Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Life of a Working Mom Without Childcare

Midnight – fed Alden

4 AM – fed Alden

6:50 AM – everyone is awake.  Kai comes into our room and crawls into bed for snuggles.  Alden is happy and smiling.

7:35 AM – Angie showers

7:50 AM – Feed Alden

8:05 AM – Feed Kai breakfast

8:45 AM – Kai and Eric leave for the day

9:10 AM – Alden goes for nap (managed to get him to fall asleep on the floor, so I can actually work!)

9:15 AM – Pumping (5 oz)

9:25 AM – Angie works!!

9:35 AM – Not so fast.  Alden rousts.  Angie spends 15 minutes trying to get him back to sleep on the floor

9:45 AM – fuck it!  Picks Alden up and lets him fall back asleep on me in the rocking chair – grab computer and phone first so I can actually get stuff done.

10:09 AM – Alden is back asleep (on Angie’s chest) – but I have my computer so it’s back to work!   Makes zipcar reservation and posts jobs for a nanny beginning in September.  Does not get to reviewing the FAQ for work.  Sigh.

11:10 AM – Alden wakes up.  Wants to eat.  Gets a diaper change and Angie gathers things for the gym while holding a crying Alden.

11:26 AM – Feeds Alden while continuing to try to work, but instead of working research cribs.

11:55 AM – Alden is done eating.  Grab gym bag, diaper bag and baby and head out the door. 

12:05 PM – Lunch with Alden (I eat, he watches)

12:30 PM – Back in the car headed for the gym

12:45 PM – Drop Alden off at gym day care and go work out

1:45 PM – Pick Alden up from gym day care.  They tell me he is so fun to watch and that he tried four times to pull his sticker off his shirt.   At first they thought it was an accident, because he’s only 4 months. But he kept doing it so they knew he was really trying to get it off.  Too funny.

1:50 PM – leave gym.  Alden falls asleep in car home

2:05 PM – pumping (4.5 oz) and update blog while pumping

2:16 PM – back to work while Alden naps

2:45 PM – Alden wakes up.  Change diaper.  He’s in a good mood, so put him on his play mat while I try to do more work. 

2:55 PM – Alden decides it is crap playing by himself and demands to be entertained.  He and I play together for a bit. 

3:10 PM – Alden realizes that it has been nearly 3.5 hours since he last ate and, despite how fun it is playing on mommy’s knees, stops the game and howls to be fed.  Angie nurses and returns to work at the same time.

3:25 PM – Alden finishes eating but is disgruntled, probably because supply is down since I pumped twice.  He grudgingly accepts a pacifier and rocking while I continue to try to write with one hand. 

3:33 PM – Alden decides to try nursing again.  We go back and forth between nursing and the pacifier.  He falls asleep at 3:44 PM, frustrated. 

3:45 PM – back to this @#$ document that I am never going to finish.

4:00 PM – conference call

4:30 PM – still on the call, but Alden wakes up.  Eric is home so he takes Alden while I finish my call.

4:45 PM – Off call.  Respond to emails while Eric is entertaining Alden.

5:00 PM – Eric gets on conference call.   Kids entertain themselves while I do some work. 

5:25 PM – Take kids to the grocery store to get a few things for dinner.  Kailey asks for something in every aisle and dances around the store running into everyone. 

6:00 PM – back home and start dinner while Alden screams

6:04 PM – Eric is off call and continues dinner prep while I feed Alden.  Milk supply is back – he’s quite happy about that.

6:11 PM – Alden finishes eating.  Back to making dinner while Eric takes Alden.

6:30 PM – eat dinner and talk about our days.  Alden is happy in his new activity chair for about half of dinner.  Then he starts protesting.  Eric takes him upstairs while I clean up.  Kai continues eating.

7:05 PM – bath for the kids

7:15 PM – sing songs to Alden while Kai finishes her bath

7:35 PM – Kai watches a show while I put Alden to bed

7:55 PM – Alden is asleep.  Kai and Eric read stories.  I pour a glass of wine and get out my computer to finish the @#$ document that I’ve been working on all day. 

9:00 PM - Give up on finalizing document.  Got about 3/4 of the way through.  Try to relax and watch TV.

10:00 PM - Alden wants to eat.  Try to just put him back to sleep but give up and feed him. 

10:30 PM - Go to sleep -- but, get woken up every other hour the rest of the night by either Alden or Abby or Kailey.  Tomorrow is going to be a long day!

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