Wednesday, July 9, 2014


This evening, driving home from camp I asked Kai how she was liking Courtyard (which is where she's going to camp this summer, but will also be where she goes for 1st grade this fall).  She told me she loves it.

I asked her if she was excited for 1st grade and she said she was and elaborated, "because Ms. Peters is really nice.  Except when she's mad.  Then she's not nice."

Ms. Peters will be her 1st grade teacher and helps out at camp once a week. 

I repeated back to Kai, "so, Ms. Peters gets mad at the students?"

Kai responded, "of course! All teachers get mad.  When we're not listening or when we're goofing off..."  she said it so matter of factly.  Of course, duh!  Kai wasn't holding it against her.  It was clearly justified. 

Then she continued, "Mr. Thompson would get mad when we weren't even doing anything wrong."

Last year was hard - but Kai seems to have sorted out that being mad isn't the problem.  The problem is teachers that are just generally impatient even when the kids are trying to be good.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a good year this next year.  I'm glad we seem to be off to an OK start. 

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