Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Like his sister before him, Alden is a very focused and intense baby.  He's happy and calm, but he also is very focused and determined.  Today I took him with me to the gym -- I LOVE that our new gym has unlimited child care.  It's worth the price of membership!  And, it's been good for Alden.  He loves being at the daycare for an hour a day.  He likes seeing the other kids and playing with the toys.  He hasn't cried yet while at the daycare (knock on wood). 

Anyway, when I picked him up, the woman that had been watching him said, "I am so fascinated by your baby!  He tried over and over to get his sticker off his shirt.  At first I thought it was an accident, but he did it FOUR times. He knew right where it was and he kept looking at it and trying to get it off.  He's so focused!"  The sticker has his number on it -- and it matches the sticker they give me that has the same number.  Alden apparently wanted to figure out what it was. 

He was the same way about rolling over.  Practicing and practicing until he got it down. 

And, when my mom was here visiting, she bought him an activity seat.  He sits in it while being supported and then a tray snaps around him that has little toys on it.  He practiced and practiced spinning this little ball that has beads inside it.  Whenever he'd succeed in hitting it his eyes would light up and then immediately his brow would furrow in concentration as he set about to do it again. 

I love watching him concentrate on things and perfect these skills.  He's only 4 months, but he's figuring things out!

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