Monday, July 28, 2014

Fair Warning

Friday was a brutal day.  After dropping Kai off at camp, Eric and I headed to Oakland (with Alden in tow, of course) to get the last remaining things from our house and do other errands.  We rented an SUV so that we'd have enough space for all of our crap.  It took forever just to get on the road because we had to pick up the SUV and then find a place to park our car (all the spaces at Eric's work were taken, which had been our initial plan), and transfer the carseat into the SUV.  We finally hit the road just before 10 AM, and just as Alden was wrapping up his morning nap.  Awesome. 

So, Alden screamed for the first 2/3 of the drive before finally conking out again for the last little bit as we pulled into Oakland.  We got his birth certificate first -- yea! He's official!  Then we headed to the house to get our stuff.   There was quite a bit still there, so it took awhile and we packed the car full.  Then we headed to a meeting with our loan officer to talk financing for our house purchase. 

Alden held it together for all of these meetings -- he does fine as long as he's not in the carseat. He's happy to just sit through a meeting smiling at the people we're talking to -- although, it's very distracting for the person we are meeting with.  They can't help but break out in goofy smiles back at Alden.  Then they start talking to him and lose the thread of the conversation.  It's very funny.  Happens all the time.  Alden interrupts conversations through charm alone!

We left our meeting with the loan officer at about 3:45.  Kai needed to be picked up from camp at 6 and the car needed to be returned by 6.  We thought we had plenty of time -- especially since the meeting was already a bit of the way towards Sacramento (we had about an hour to go, without traffic).  Without traffic is the key part of that parenthetical.  We encountered no fewer than FOUR accidents on the way home.  All spaced just enough apart to really @#$ with us.  It took nearly 3 hours to get to Kai's camp.  We, of course, called on the way there when we realized how late we were going to be -- but, it really doesn't diminish the stress of getting there as quickly as possible. 

Alden held it together for an amazing stretch during the three hours, but he did completely lose it the last 45 minutes.  Screaming baby while watching a ticking clock, with each minute marking another minute late picking up your six year old from camp.... it was awful. 

After finally getting Kai, we still had to shuttle the cars around.  First, we needed to get all the crap we took from the Oakland house into the Natomas house.  Then we had to shuttle back to the location to return the car (we had, of course, extended the reservation by this time) and then get back home again. 

By the time we got everything unloaded and the car returned, it was 7:30 PM.  Alden's bedtime.  Way past dinner time.  Everyone was hot (it was, of course, 101 outside), tired, hungry and cranky.  We went to a pizza place downtown and got settled into our seats right away (that is one thing that is SO much better about Sacramento -- there is always parking and almost never any wait time at restaurants).  We ordered right away and they brought us water and the salad we asked for within moments. 

Kai took one look at the salad and said, "where's the pizza?"  We told her it was coming.  She sighed a big sigh and then said, "this is where I start whining."  Well, at least she warned us!

Besides, I totally agreed. A good whine was what we all needed right about then.  Alden concurred by spitting up an enormous amount of milk all over Eric's shirt and the floor.  It was an annoying end to an annoying day.

The only good part about Friday was that it finally ended. 

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