Wednesday, July 23, 2014

California Girl

Yesterday morning, it was raining a bit.  Really just a drizzle.  But, the sidewalk was wet and you could see moisture coming out of the sky.  California is in the middle of a historic drought.  It's year 3 of the drought and it's the worst one in 500 years.

 But, still, I had to laugh when Kai said, "I guess we won't have recess today."

"Why?"  I asked

"It's raining!" she exclaimed. Duh, mom, you cannot play outside when there's moisture in the air!

When I was a girl, we played soccer in mud pits during torrential downpours.... but, our California girl, who rarely sees rain, is steeped in the notion that you cannot leave your house when it is raining.  She needs to spend more time in the Pacific Northwest!

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