Wednesday, July 23, 2014

4 months

Well... not quite.  Alden is closing in on 4 months (just 6 days away)... but he did have his 4-month check-up today.  He is doing all the things that a 4-month old baby should do:  rolling over (he's been doing that for awhile now), cooing, smiling, laughing, squealing, grasping toys, examining his hands and feet, sleeping for six hours at night. 

The doctor says that Alden shouldn't need to feed at night anymore -- meaning, he should be able to go MORE than six hours, since he is so big.  And, by that I do mean so. big.  Not so much the weight.  He weighed in at 16 pounds, 3 oz.  That's the 71st percentile -- big, but not huge.  But, length-wise, he's got pretty much every other baby beat.  He's 26 3/4 inches.  Almost 27 inches!!  That's just 15 inches shy of Kailey.  Who is SIX.  It's also 1/2 inch shorter than Kailey was at her 1st birthday.  Granted, she was a small one year old.  But, he's a ginormous 4 month old!  The doctor was like, "wow! He is REALLY tall."  Guess that's why he's in 9 - 12 month clothes.  The 6 month clothes he has don't really snap under him anymore.  He also has a 99th percentile head -- 17 1/4 inches.  Big brains!

Anyway, since he is a very healthy size, the doctor said he should be able to go through the entire night without eating.  As in 9 PM - 5 AM.  Which is LONGER than 6 hours (because, remember, 6 hours is considered "sleeping through the night" for babies... even though most of us adults find that going to sleep at 9 PM does not make a 3 AM wake up very appealing).  We talked about the fact that because he sleeps with us and the food is right there, he probably is just eating at 2 or 3 AM out of habit.  I am going to try to start relying just on the pacifier early in the morning and see if he can get back to sleep without eating.  She also said I should be going 3 - 4 hours between feedings during th day.  Alden is a grazer.  He doesn't eat huge amounts when he eats.  He prefers the snack-all-day approach to life.  Which means I feed him about every 2 hours.  So, I'm going to try adjusting to slightly longer stretches between feedings.

But, I'm not starting any of this today because he had his shots today and is feeling crappy.  Poor, baby.  Right now he's sleeping on my chest and moaning a bit in his sleep.  I am a great believer in vaccines.  I am soooo glad we have them.  But, the day of the shots is always kind of hard. 

So, Alden is doing fantastic.  He is such a happy baby.  He only really cries when he is in the car.  Otherwise, he just rolls with his days.  We spent 7 hours at the fair the other day when my mom was in town and he didn't have a single melt down.  He didn't sleep great that night -- too many sights and smells to process!!  But, even then, he wasn't crying.  He was just awake and squirming about.  He is really a mellow kid.  Maybe the happiest baby I've met! 

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