Saturday, June 28, 2014

You Get What You Get

Kailey and I have had many conversations lately along the lines of "you get what you get and you don't throw a fit".  Oh, and you say "thank you".  Especially when you're getting something you really want. 

Kai has been in a bit of a "can I have..." phase.  She wants things everywhere we go.  Every once in awhile we'll get her a treat and, more often than not, it just goads her on to ask for something else in addition.  For instance, when we were at a play that Deb's granddaughter was in, Katie got her a wand.  Kai immediately asked for a crown as well.  Of course, one might say they go together, but it bothers me that she can't just say thank you for what she's getting.  We've had many conversations about this. 

Tonight, I told her, "OK, Kai.  I'm making you noodles."  She said, "thank you!"  Progress!!  But, then she said, "what kind of noodles?"  I told her I was making tortellini and she said, "oh.... do we have..." and then she trailed off.  After a moment she yelled, "nevermind!  I can handle that.  Thank you."  Two thank yous and assurance that she can "handle it".  Double progress!


Unrelated to the title of this post, this evening Eric and Kai were fixing up a little owie that Alden got (probably didn't need fixing up, but Kai likes to fix up injuries).  I asked what they put on it and Eric said, "wound cleaner", as he held up the bottle.  Kai asked what a wound was and Eric explained it was an owie and went on to say, "so if you hear about a wounded animal, you know it's an animal that has an owie."  Then Kailey replied, "we're all wounded animals sometimes."

So poetic.  And so true.

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