Friday, June 20, 2014


It's been a long time since we lived somewhere that has a true summer.  When we were in D.C., we got a taste of summer.  Hot, muggy summers that made you wonder why anyone would choose to live in a swamp.  We would stay holed up in the one room of our house that had a window air conditioning unit, waiting for the summer months to pass.  It wasn't the heat that made the D.C. summers so unbearable.  It was the humidity.  And the cicadas that would buzz incessantly making you feel like you were going slowly insane.  I really disliked summers in D.C.

It appears that Sacramento summers are different.  It's hot here, for sure.  The other day as we were driving back from Oakland I looked down at the dash and remarked, "that's weird -- what is that number?  It says 108.  What does that mean?"  And then I realized that was a temperature reading.  It wasn't even officially summertime on that day.  And it got to 110.  D.C. never got that hot (well, almost never).  And yet, the heat is D.C. was so much worse. 

Sacramento's heat is a dry heat.  And, it's almost enjoyable.  Feels like how summer should be, even though I have very little experience with this type of summertime weather.  Kailey, who prefers to wear as little clothing as possible, is in her element.  

We've been making the rounds of the splash parks (it's a thing here -- parks with water features so kids can cool off.  Reminds me a bit of the summer vacation we spent in NYC just going from one fountain to another so Kai could splash around).  We've hit two so far and will try a third park today. 

And, the other day, we went to a party at the American River for Eric's work.  Kai had an absolute blast swimming in the river, running around with the other kids, and playing in the dirt.

We also tried out the Sacramento zoo.  Overall, the zoo was a bit disappointing. But, they had a great animal show and also let the kids feed the giraffes. And, they have an animal hospital where you can watch the doctors perform the procedures on the animals -- pretty cool.  Kai especially loved that as she continues to be interested in all things related to owies and to medical procedures.  When we were at the river the other day, this boy that she was playing with got stung (she developed quite the crush on this kid -- he was 16 and she followed him around like a puppy.  It was really quite adorable).  Anyway, he got stung by a bee and Kai loved getting out the first aid kit and helping him out.  Who knows what she'll be when she grows up -- but, so far, this interest in medicine has been consistent throughout her life.  I never have been one for owies and other gross things -- but, Kai can't get enough of them.

I think this is one aspect of Sacramento that has a clear leg up on the Bay Area.  Our summers in the Bay Area were not really summers at all.  Oakland would get warm, but rarely above 80.  And, when we lived in the sunset, it was downright cold.  Summertime never really felt like summertime.  We'd have to drive through the tunnel to find the heat.

Here, we have long, hot days filled with water play, parks, trips to the ice cream parlor, the zoo, and the river.  I'm looking forward to more time at the river and camping trips.  Once we have our own place, I'm sure we'll get a kayak or a canoe.  And, Tahoe is just a short drive away.  So many summertime activities right at our fingertips. 

Kailey said this morning, "I'm glad we're moving to Sacramento.  I wish I could still go to African Dance.  Maybe I should tell Courtyard about the great class I took and see if we can have African Dance at Courtyard."  I thought that was a wise suggestion. 

It's hard to leave the Bay Area.  I especially miss the proximity to the ocean.  But, I am starting to like some things about being here.  Watching Kai enjoy the summer is probably on the top of my list.

Oh, and Alden seems to like it too!


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