Friday, June 27, 2014

Car Rides

I love listening to and talking with Kailey in the morning on the way to school.  Yesterday, it was me listening to her make up a song.  Alden was fussing a little bit, so she started singing to him.  It went something like:

"Alden, don't cry.  We don't know why you cry.  Maybe you need a diaper change.  Maybe you need fed.  Sometimes you're tired.  We never know.  Because you don't talk.  So we have to guess.  But, it's hard to guess. Because you don't talk.  So, mommy or daddy could change your diaper.  Or mommy could feed you.  Or you could go to sleep.  Try going to sleep.  Go to sleep.  Close your eyes.  We don't know what's wrong with you.  It's so hard to know when you don't talk.  All you can do is cry and hope that we guess right."

It went on and on like that.  It did seem to calm Alden down.  He kept his expressions of displeasure to grumblings rather than the full on wailing that has become his signature trait in the car.  Seriously, he hates cars.  Poor baby.

I actually made him his 4 month appointment with his usual pediatrician, in Oakland.  But, then I realized I should just switch to Sacramento because how cruel to make him endure 3 hours in the car for 15 minutes at the doctor. 

Of course, I switched his doctor and now we have no idea what we're doing with the house (the buyer whose offer we accepted has backed out... so, now we're back to square one).  So, that may have been premature.  I hate real estate.

Anyway, the other Kailey interaction was this morning.  She said to me, "Well, I guess it's going to be another tired day."

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I mean I'm really tired so it's going to be a tired day.  Like yesterday."  She replied.

"Aren't you sleeping enough at night?"  I asked .

"Yes.  But, I'm growing.  Growing kids get tired."

I guess that's true. 

Someday, Alden and I will have these conversations while driving about.  That is, if we can convince him between now and then that cars are not horrible torture chambers. 

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