Monday, June 30, 2014

3 months!

These last three months have flown by!  Alden is definitely beyond the newborn stage.  He is now in size 3 diapers.  He's closing in on 16 pounds (or is there already... I don't really weigh him very often or accurately).  I'm pretty sure he's 26 inches already.  I'll get his official 4 month stats at the doctor at the end of this month, but those are my guesstimates for 3 months. 

He smiles, coos, tries to grab at objects and is spilling out of his carseat.  This child is so long!  It's crazy. 

Alden also has started rolling over.  Not just front to back.  He did that some time ago.  But, also back to front.  He prefers to see the world from his belly.  I'll place him down on the mat on his back, turn around, and turn back and he's on his belly peering around with a look of total accomplishment on his face. 

Six years ago this month, Kai was also rolling over (although, it was front to back... but, remember, she was only 3 weeks adjusted at that time). 

Kai rolled from her back to front on September 7 (I just looked... ahhh, the joys of keeping a blog to chronicle these things!)  That means she also mastered the skill just before she hit the 5 month mark (or the 3 month mark, using her adjusted age)

My babies are early rollers.  They like being on the move.  I personally find babies that move around a bit terrifying and stressful.  I had rather hoped to enjoy another month of being able to plop him down on his back and not worry much about what he could get into.  That said, I love how he is so intent on mastering these skills and so pleased with himself when he does it. 

Wonder if this means he'll be crawling at six months?  Kai commando-crawled at 8 months (6 months adjusted).  So, I guess that could be right around the corner.  Guess we should start thinking about baby proofing again.  How do you baby proof a house with a six year old who loves nothing more than tiny little objects like legos, beads, silly string, little action figures and balls?  Guess I'm about to find out!

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