Sunday, May 4, 2014

The last 5 weeks

Alden is already 5 weeks old.  The day Kai turned 5 weeks old was the day she came home from the NICU.  It's been a very different 5 weeks this time around.  Stressful in it's own way, since we are trying to sell our house, research homes and schools in Sacramento, and stay on top of our jobs.  But, none of that compares to the stress of the NICU. 

Alden has been a very laid back baby so far, enduring multiple car trips to Sacramento, being put in and out of the carseat and carrier as we look at schools and homes, dealing well with the hot weather in Sacramento, and generally just being a very mellow little guy.  He has had some tummy troubles -- so there have been moments of uncontrollable crying.  But, luckily, these incidents tend to pass pretty quickly.

Kailey continues to be completely taken with Alden.  She comes into our room every morning so excited to see him and to cuddle with him.  She tries her best to calm him when he is crying.  She is a very attentive big sister. 

The babymoon is definitely over, though.  We no longer have the luxury of relaxing and getting to just cuddle with Alden (not that Eric ever had that luxury -- he's been going full steam for months now) . It was nice to have a bit of down time with him at the beginning -- now, I feel like I just rush from one thing to another with baby in tow.  As I said, we're so lucky that he seems to be a very mellow baby and has been willing to just roll with the chaos.

Yesterday, for example, was fairly typical for all that is going on.  The day consisted of responding to several urgent work emails, helping Eric research installation of metal lath for stucco, 4 loads of laundry (which included all the sheets on the beds... I hate changing the sheets on Kailey's bed.  It's so hard to do that with her castle bed!), grocery shopping with both kids, a playdate with two of Kailey's friends (not sure why the adults have to go to the playdates... it would be awesome if I could just drop her off, but it seems that the expectation is that the mommies get to talk while the kids play.  It's really just a giant time suck.  But, Kai is dealing with a lot these days with all the talk of moving and a new baby in the house -- so, it's important that she gets time out of school to play with her friends and goof off), making banana muffins with Kailey, and - of course - feeding a baby every other hour.  Meanwhile, Eric was doing construction from the wee hours of the day until 10 PM at night trying to get everything ready for our next inspection. 

It's been tough.  Kailey frequently laments that, "it's not a Kailey day!" Although, last night when we were cuddling at bedtime she said, "lots of the day was boring, but we still had some really fun parts of the day, too."  That's as much as I can hope for at the moment. 

We did manage to carve out time for a family dinner out on my birthday.  Kai insisted that we each get dressed up.  She wore her fanciest dress and told Eric he had to wear a tie and jacket.  She went through my closet and picked out the fanciest dress she could find, selecting my black cocktail dress and scolding me for not having anything long (luckily, she doesn't know about my two long gowns hanging I the back of the closet... I'll have to show her those someday.  They don't exactly fit anymore!)  She also picked out an outfit for Alden, and was the most disappointed in his selection of clothing.  It was fun to get all dressed up and go out, especially because Kai was so excited about it.  And, it prompted us to actually take a family photo -- we don't get many of those. 

Hopefully we can keep this up -- lots of work punctuated with moments of fun and family time.  One of these days things will be settled down again. 

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