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The last week, Kai has been on Spring Break and we've gotten to experience full-time parenting of two children.  I feel tied to a bed/chair most of the day, since Alden still eats every other hour.  So, my "parenting" has consisted mostly of barking orders at Kailey from a distance, reading to her, or asking her to do favors for me.  Luckily, Eric has been home, so he's been playing with her in-between work activities and construction projects.  No rest for the weary around here!

Kai has been handling it great.  She totally gets that Alden has many needs as a baby, and has been generally amazingly helpful.  And yet, I still find myself snapping at her and getting frustrated by messes she's making or by her not following directions immediately when they are given.

That, and I'm totally sleep deprived, so my patience is not that high.  After a bit of barking too many orders at her, I realized I was being unfair.  So, I apologized to her and she responded, "that's OK... I understand."  I told her I would try harder and she said, "I'll remind you... And also I'll do a better job listening."

Seriously, how grown up is she?  She's an amazing kid!

Yesterday, I was changing Alden's diaper (an activity that Kai is infinitely fascinated by -- she always wants to examine how much poop is in the diaper.  She continues to love all bodily functions and owies... she really does need to go into medicine or a medical field.  Speaking of -- we got her a microscope for her birthday.  She loves it!! First thing she wanted to look at -- BLOOD.  Of course!)

Anyway, I was changing Alden's diaper and Kai was peering over my shoulder and suddenly exclaims, "Mommy!! Mommy!! Look, his ability cord fell off!"

His ability cord.  Love it!

Alden is waking up a bit more every day.  Which means longer stretches of activity.  And, he's found his voice.  He can really belt it out.  Very hard to ignore.  But, still, he's mostly a very relaxed baby.  Very fond of snuggles and cuddles.  Hates being put down.  Loves staring at his big sister. 

He's also growing like a weed.  We had hi 2 week doctor appointment recently and he was 9 lbs, 12.6 oz.  The doctor said she'd be happy if he was just back to his birth weight (he never really lost much weight -- just 4 oz of weight loss after birth before he started gaining again).  22 oz of weight gain in 14 days.  Go, Alden!! 

Last, but not least, my two favorite little people, interacting:

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