Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Baby Time

The last 10 days with Alden have been really great.  Sometimes it's hard to remember that he's a newborn.  He's wearing the clothes that Kai wore when she was 3 months old!  And, I remember thinking how BIG Kai was once she finally moved into the 0 - 3 month clothes. 

Alden has the baby thing down.  He eats every 2 - 3 hours like clockwork.  In between he sleeps, pees and poops... waiting to poop until we've just changed his wet diaper, necessitating two changes in the space of 5 minutes.  He's excellent at that!  In the last couple of days, he'll stay awake for a stretch when he isn't feeding, checking everything out.  He definitely gets the most excited whenever Kailey is around.  His whole body tenses up with excitement.

Kailey continues to be extremely excited about having a little brother.  She loves cuddling, kissing and hugging Alden and talks about the day when he'll be big enough to play with her.  I thought that after a few days of him mostly sleeping and getting held by me around the clock that she'd be over him... but, not at all.  She is old enough that she totally understands that he's a baby with baby needs.  And, she's been loving all the extra time at home and the extra attention from Eric.  They've been doing lots of projects together like making rockets out of paper towel rolls, planting flowers and spices, cleaning out the basement (yes, she was game for cleaning out the basement!), riding bikes, building tree forts in the backyard, collecting flowers, and all variety of other activities.  She loves being picked up right after school and getting the rest of the day to hang around the house.  She came home today and immediately put on a swimsuit (it's 80 degrees here) and went outside to play with the hose on the deck for awhile. It's amazing how independent she's become -- which, of course, is accentuated by having a newborn in the house. 

So, it's been a really fun 10 days.  Of course, I'm tired.  The round the clock feedings mean I don't get long stretches of sleep.  But, I function OK without a lot of sleep.  Which is especially true when I don't have a lot of demands being placed on me, which I don't at the moment.  Eric is here during the day.  Kai is great at entertaining herself when we're both busy.  And, Alden never cries except when he wants to eat... and then is immediately pacified by being fed. 

I know that this babymoon won't last.  Eric will be back to work soon and we'll be deep in the muck with selling our house, wrapping up the school year, looking to buy a house, etc.  But, right now, the baby time feels good. 

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