Sunday, February 2, 2014


Like most kids, Kai loves videos and has quite a few shows that she really enjoys watching (Super Why, Calliou, Tayo, Martha Speaks).  She's also enjoyed several movies, even seeing some of them multiple times (Fantastic Mr. Fox, Finding Nemo).  But, until now, there hasn't been a show or movie that she has truly LOVED -- acting out the scenes on the playground, dressing up like the characters, belting out the songs.  Frozen is Kailey's first favorite movie.  And, it's a good one.  I really like it -- which is good, since we've seen the movie in the theaters 3 times!  Kai asks on a daily basis when we will be able to buy it so we can watch it at home.  And, the cd plays nonstop in the car as we drive around town.  I dream about Frozen and the songs are playing on constant loop in my head. 
Although I could do without the constant loop of the songs in my head -- one of my favorite things is listening to Kailey sing the songs in the car.  She belts them out -- and it's one of the cutest things ever.  I managed to capture her singing the other day (she doesn't like being filmed, so I got her singing while I pointed the camera in the rear-view mirror... so, you can't see her that well.  But, you can hear her!)
Kai has continued to get quite a few time outs and other disciplinary actions (losing 5 or more minutes of recess) at school.  We've tried bribing her with various things to get her to go a day without a reprimand... but, to no avail.  Kai doesn't really seem to mind the time outs.  I think she accepts them as a natural consequence of breaking the rules, and she would rather break the rules (usually talking to someone when she is supposed to be listening) and spend a few minutes in time out then wait to say what's on her mind. 
After the holidays, we told her we'd buy her a Queen Elsa doll if she could go 5 consecutive days without a time out or worse (warnings were OK).  It took a couple of weeks -- but, this last week, she did it.  A perfect week (not even a warning).  So, Friday night Kai and I headed to Target to collect her prize.  Only, they were out of Queen Elsa dolls.  So, we went to another Target.  They were also out, but told us the Target further up the road had 14 in stock.  We braved the I-80 traffic during rushhour to get to the final Target... and, they were out.  Target's stock system is not to be trusted.  I looked up the doll on my phone and saw that was selling the dolls for $189!!  They're out of stock EVERYWHERE.  I ended up buying her a Queen Elsa that has some magic dress for $55 (also quite a mark-up) -- and I had to buy it online, which meant we were leaving the store without a prize for all her hard work.  I let her buy the Queen Elsa polly pocket doll (and smaller version of a Queen Elsa doll), telling her we'd get the real doll in a week or so.
Lesson learned:  Don't bribe your kid with characters from popular films UNLESS you already have the prize in hand.  I really didn't intend to spend nearly $70 to get Kai to go a week without a time out!
So -- Frozen has taken over our lives.  Once it comes out on DVD, I have a feeling we'll never hear the end of it! 


John and Karen said...

Papa and Nonnie loved listening to this! It was awesome.

John and Karen said...

Papa and Nonnie loved this. It was awesome>