Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ski Bunny

At 5, Kai is officially a skier.  She has reached a skill level that is as good as  I have ever been (or ever will be) -- and, of course she is only 5 and has the advantage of not being completely freaked out by the sport.  In fact, she LOVES it.  Last year, when we were at Timberline, she really wanted to ski, but had no interest in taking a class and really just wanted to go down the mountain with Eric holding her under the arms (more like a ride, less like skiing).  As you may recall, we eventually persuaded her to take a class -- but, she wasn't very happy about it and didn't really ski much on her own.

This year, she was talking about skiing for days leading up to the trip.  We told her she would have to take a lesson and she resisted at first and then changed her tune saying, "whatever.  Doesn't matter.  I can take a lesson."  (sometimes I swear she's a teenager trapped in a 5-year old's body).

By the time we got to the mountain, she was all revved up.  She didn't understand why she couldn't start skiing IMMEDIATELY upon our arrival.  But, we didn't want to pay for all the equipment for a half-day, so we told her she'd have to wait until the morning.  And, the next morning, she was ready to go.  She took a half-day lesson and spent the rest of the time on the mountain learning from Eric. 

It was amazing to watch the progression. At first, Eric was holding her hands while skiing backwards, but she quickly progressed to skiing on her own and doing S-curves down the mountain.  The funniest moment was when she got off the chairlift after a great run, where she had followed Eric down the hill, copying the S-curves he was doing and I said to her, "that was great Kai! Can I see that again?"  She responded, "no... this time I just want to have FUN!"  And, then she took off, straight down the hill, no turning for her!  She, of course, ended up going really fast and it totally freaked me out... but, she made it! Well, I think she crashed at the end -- but, she doesn't mind crashing.

Driving home, Kai cried in the backseat, claiming she wished we could stay at Timberline "for 109 days".  We'll have to make time to take her to Tahoe sometime this winter so she can try skiing in California! 

Here are some videos highlighting her adventures!


Thursday, January 2, 2014