Saturday, December 14, 2013


The end of the semester brings with it a multitude of performances -- particularly because Kai is in a lot of different after school activities, and it seems that each one has its own final performance.   I was particularly excited about Kai's drama performance.  When we signed her up for drama, I wasn't sure that she was going to like it.  She isn't big on performing, and when I mentioned the class to her she said, "no, I don't want to do that.  I don't want people watching me."  However, the description of the class was that it was a very low key introduction to performing, and it was the only class available on Wednesdays right after school -- and I was trying to fill her afternoon.  Without a class after school, it meant 2.5 hours of Adventure Time before someone would pick her up and take her to Spanish school... which is too much Adventure Time, in my estimation.  Adventure Time is really aptly named because it is a bit of a free for all.  She's in with all the other grades -- so there are 50 - 100 kids (it's hard to tell how many because they are running all over the playground and then in the AT classroom, which is generally PACKED).  I have no idea how they keep tabs on everyone.  The door to AT is always open and the kids come and go from the classroom as they please.  They have a couple people supervising the playground chaos and a couple supervising the classroom... but, it really requires the kids to be watching after themselves a bit.  Kindergarten is really such a BIG change from preschool!

Anyway, I digress. I wanted her to have a class on Wednesdays.  Legos was full - so, drama was the only option.  I signed her up and crossed my fingers that she would take to it.  And, it quickly became her favorite after-school activity.  Kai would come home and tell us all the hilarious stories from drama and talk about the funniest parts of the play they were preparing.  A few times, she expressed apprehension about doing a performance, but as the classes continued and she got more comfortable with the material, she got more excited.  I was supposed to be in Anaheim doing a training on the day of her performance, but the more she talked about drama, the more I wanted to be there to see the performance that had her so excited.  So, I canceled my trip and asked my colleagues to fill in for me so that I could be at school on a Wednesday afternoon at 1 PM to see Kai's first drama performance.

Here she is part 1 of her debut performance (it seems that blogger is making me post each segment separately.  So annoying). 


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