Tuesday, November 26, 2013

It's a BOY!

We had our 20 week ultrasound today and got to get a peek at the newest member of our household -- in all HIS squirminess.   Yes, his.  It's a boy!  We are really excited.  Kai said, "this is great! We'll have two girls and two boys in our family."  I couldn't agree more.

Just like Kailey before him, this baby squirmed through the ultrasound, kicking away and moving around to try to get away from the tech's wand.  Our kids are high energy -- no surprise there!

Even more important than the gender, the scan revealed that everything looks great with the baby.  The email I got from my doctor after the ultrasound said,

"Dear Angie--The ultrasound looks great. Placenta location, cervix, anatomy all look normal. The baby looks on the large side but that would be fantastic if the baby comes a little early :)"

In terms of the comment about the baby being on the large side -- the ultrasound technician told us that by her calculations (based on the baby's head size, femur, and some other measurement), they thought the baby was measuring ahead and would put the due date at April 4th (his due date is April 10th).  I'm pretty confident that we have the due date (of April 10th) correct... so, what that means is that the baby is just on the bigger side which, as Dr. Calhoun says, is great news when we are concerned about prematurity. 

Here's the first good picture of our newest little one!

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