Saturday, November 9, 2013

A Rose By Any Other Name...

The other day, we took Kailey out to a fancy dessert diner after dinner for a treat.  This place was pretty cool.  When we walked in, we were greeted with display cases of amazing cakes, pastries, pies, and other delectables.  Kai's eyes widened and she started hopping around from case to case trying to see what all her options were all the while ohhhing and ahhing at her spectacular choices.  She immediately started to try to tell Eric and I what we could get (she's a bit bossy sometimes).  We told her to focus on her own choice, which was clearly not easy for her.  As she was trying to decide, they brought out a massive chocolate cake:

(this wasn't what it actually looked like -- but, it's close.  The cake we saw was actually more impressive).

Kai's eyes got even bigger and she shouted, "I want THAT one!"  We said OK and got in line, giving her about 8 more minutes to reconsider her choice.  When we got to the front, Eric said, "that cake might be really rich... let's ask what's in it and make sure you'll like it."  Kai agreed and asked the waiter what was in the cake.  He told us it was chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache.  We told Kai she would like it but she quickly said, "no... no... I don't want that.  I'll have the yellow cake."

That struck me as boring, but also as something I would have picked.  And, she was excited about it -- so we settled on the yellow cake with the chocolate buttercream frosting while Eric and I split a cream puff (I love cream puffs!)

Once we were settled and eating, I asked Kai for a bite, which she happily obliged (she's really great about sharing).  "Yummm.... the buttercream frosting is so good.  It almost tastes like chocolate mousse,"  I said to Kai and Eric.  We continued eating but after a few more bites, Kai announced she was full (it was a MASSIVE piece of cake).  As we were leaving, Kai grabbed the sleeve of a busboy and said, "excuse me, what is in this cake?" holding out the yellow cake for him to inspect.  He looked confused, so Kai clarified, "is there mousse in the frosting?" she asked.  "Oh, no... that's just buttercream."  He told her.  Kai nodded and we left the restaurant.

As we approached the car, it finally hit me, "Kai... did you think there was an animal... a MOOSE... in that cake?"  I asked her.  "Yes... that's what you said.  It was a MOOSE cake."  I felt like we were in an Amelia Bedelia book and started cracking up.  "No, no... mousse is different then a MOOSE... one is a dessert made out of cream.  The other is an animal."  Kai started laughing and said, "OHHH... I thought that cake was made out of a MOOSE... that's why I didn't want it.  That would be so gross."

Yes, yes it would.

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