Sunday, October 27, 2013

Baby Announcement

The day we got back from our Epic Trip, we got a bit of news -- that I was pregnant.  We were really excited but also nervous, thinking about all we had gone through with Kai in her infancy.  But, mostly we were excited.  And especially excited to tell Kailey.  However, we didn't tell her right away.  We wanted to go to the doctor first and make sure that everything looked OK.  Amazingly, she didn't really seem to pick up on all the baby talk over the next several weeks as we waited to see my doctor.  Or, if she did, she didn't say anything to us.

After our first appointment with the doctor, where we were able to see the gestational sac (it was too early to hear the heartbeat at that point -- but, we've since heard it several times) -- we prepared to tell Kailey.  I took another pregnancy test before we told her.  And we had an app on the iPad that talked about pregnancy and gave a week-by-week update along with photos.  

We all sat down and told Kai that mommy had taken a test that tells us whether there is a baby growing in mommy's uterus (we like using the correct terminology -- and Kai knows babies grow in uteruses, not bellies).  We showed her the box of the test, and that it had to have a plus sign if there was a baby growing in mommy's uterus.  Kai asked us what the test said, so we showed it to her and asked what she saw.  "A plus!" she said and then she got a look of total shock on her face and looked at us, looked at the test, looked at us again and then said, "Are you being serious?"  Clearly, we joke with this kid too much!  We told her we were totally serious and that the plus sign meant there was a baby growing.  Her face lit up and she flashed the crooked smile she has used since she was a baby when she was really excited about something and announced, "I'm going to be a SISTER!"  We told her it was really early still -- and that a lot has to happen in a pregnancy, but that it was our hope that she was going to be a sister.  Kai jumped up to hug me and then backed away and said, "Can I still hug you? Or will that hurt the baby?"  I scooped her up and squeezed her tight and told her we could definitely still hug.  

Then we spent some time looking at the baby app and how small the baby was -- the size of a grain of rice when we told her.  We told her we were not telling other people yet -- there is a size guide on the app, and we told her she could tell other people when the baby was the size of a plum -- which was around week 12. 

Kai nodded while also lamenting how many other fruits we had to get through (blueberry, raspberry, grape, date, and fig) before we reached the plum stage.  And, of course, over the next few weeks, Kai would come home from camps or other activities and let us know that she had forgotten and had told someone about the "baby growing in her mommy's uterus" -- which is how she always announces it to people.  It's funny. Overall, though, she did a good job of not telling many people.

Kai would ask me as the weeks went by -- how big is the baby now?  We'd pull out the app and look it up -- and Kai would count the number of fruits left until we could tell people.  The morning we hit plum, she was so excited.  And yet, when we called folks to tell them, Kai refused to tell the news.  Apparently the anticipation got the best of her! But, she is very excited about everything and loves to learn what the baby is doing as we pass through each week.  It's fun to talk about it with her.  

Now I'm about 16 weeks -- I feel like this pregnancy is going really slow, probably in part because I keep waiting for symptoms of pre-eclampsia or other complications.  It makes it a lot harder to just relax and be zen about the whole thing.  But, Kai's excitement about being a sister is keeping us all excited.  Hopefully, in another 24 weeks or so (I'd be happy with anything 20 weeks or more from now) we'll be welcoming a new person into our home!  

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