Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Parenting lessons

Yesterday, I picked Kai up from her second day of kindergarten at noon (when school gets out this week... ugh) and headed to the grocery store to get some dinner fixings.  At the store, Kai asked for popsicles and a couple of fruit leathers, which I let her get.  In the car on the way home, I let her eat one of the fruit leathers.  Then, once at home, she asked for the other one, which I let her have (admittedly, I was trying to work and wasn't paying that much attention).  A bit later, she asked for a popsicles and I let her have that too.   It was early in the day still, and it's just fruit leather and popsicles.

That afternoon, as we were driving to BART to get Eric, Kai said, "I have a tummy ache."  I told her I was sorry her tummy hurt and she said, "you shouldn't have let me have so much sugar!"

I tried not to laugh and said, "so this is my fault?" 

Kai responded, "YES!  You're supposed to say NO when I asked for TWO things with sugar. And you didn't.  You said yes and now my tummy hurts." 

Whoops... next time I'll know.

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