Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Lately, Kai has been really into magic.  The last two nights, she has wanted to do magic shows with Eric (he is the other magician, I'm the audience member).  She has a box full of magic supplies (mostly just trinkets she has gathered from her room) and she likes to make them disappear and reappear. 

Of course, the way she does this is either (a) to tell us to look away while she does the magic; (b) try to distract us while she is shaking the object in her hand and then throw it out of her hand quickly when she thinks we are not looking; (c) place the object inside another container -- again, while making faces at us and telling us we aren't supposed to see that part. 

My favorite is when she throws something across the room because, after tossing the item, she does this grand display of splaying out her hands and turning them palms up and palms down with this look on her face as if to say, "wow! nothing in my hands!"  It's hilarious. 

So, yesterday, she's doing a magic show with Eric and he has gotten a couple of limes and dice that look the same and has planted things around the room in advance of the show (and without Kai noticing).  In the first trick, Eric was playing around with a lime and told Kai they had to dance around the room to make it disappear.  Of course, she's distracted dancing around and doesn't notice Eric get rid of the lime.  Then, a moment later he, pulls the lime he stashed out from under the couch.  Kai's face LIT UP.  She was so excited that the trick actually worked.  She tried to keep it together and pretend like that was what she was expecting to happen --after all, it was her magic show.  The whole thing was hilarious.

Then, this morning while we are eating breakfast, Kai turns to me and says, "where did Daddy learn REAL magic?"

I love that she still believes in real magic.

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