Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Epic Journey Part IV Continued: More from St. John

On Sunday, we decided we wanted to go to Trunk Bay, which is on the west end of the island.  Trunk Bay is acclaimed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  Or, maybe it's most photographed.  But, I think it would be most photographed because it is among the most beautiful... although, I guess it could also be most photographed because it is really beautiful and also pretty accessible (ie: you can drive right up to it on a nicely paved road, as opposed to some of other truly beautiful places in the world that can take quite a bit of work to get to).  Anyway, I digress. 

We never made it to Trunk Bay when we were in St. John many years ago (oh so many years ago -- I think I was 22!)  And, it has an underwater snorkel trail that was supposed to be perfect for beginner snorkelers.  We were excited to try it out.  

And by we, I mean Eric and I were excited to see it.  Kailey had decided she was done with snorkeling.  I'm not sure why.  She really enjoyed it and then she decided she didn't want to do it anymore.  We headed to Trunk Bay anyway, as Kai protested about how she wasn't going to snorkel.  We figured we could ignore her and when we got there, she'd change her mind.  It had worked before.  

However, the weather conspired against us.  It was really windy on the beach.  Beautiful, but windy.  It was actually fine when you were in the water snorkeling, because you didn't notice the wind under the water.  But, Kai was having none of it.  It was the only day that she really had a melt down.  We got her out on the snorkel trail very briefly and amid many tears and protests.  So, we gave up and each took a turn exploring the trail on our own and then decided to switch gears for the day and leave Trunk Bay.  

However, we did take a picture (most photographed, after all!):

It was probably the wind and the whiny child, but I wasn't that impressed by Trunk Bay.  I liked Little Lamasheur a lot better! 

We loaded back into the car after only about an hour at Trunk Bay and decided as long as we were on the west side, we should try to explore other beaches.  We had lunch in Cruz Bay (the main town in St. John where the Ferry Terminal is) and checked out our guidebook, realizing there was a trail that led from Cruz Bay to two beaches that got very little traffic (because you had to walk a mile to get to them!)  That sounded like our kind of beach!  And, Eric could tell that they would be wind protected.  So, after lunch, we were off. 

It was a HOT day.  Really hot.  And humid hot.  It was in the 90s and the trail was not protected by trees.  Kai did a great job on the hike, but we weren't carrying much water with us and the first time we stopped, she gulped it all down.  I've never seen her drink so much at one time!  By the time we got to the beach, we were more than ready to run into the ocean and cool off.  We raced to see who could get in the water first, laughing and splashing as we hit the (relatively) cool water.  It was an amazing beach.  There was only one other group on the beach, and they left shortly after we arrived.  So, we had the place to ourselves!  We spent a lot of time digging for treasure and Eric and I took more turns snorkeling.  

While I was poking about with my mask on, I saw the coolest yellow and black eel sticking out of the coral. I swam back to Kai and Eric and told them about it.  That was enough for Kai -- she wanted to see the eel! So, she donned her snorkel gear again and we headed out.  The great thing about eels is they don't really go anywhere -- so we were able to quickly find him again.  I think Kai was not completely impressed with the eel (I saw this because whenever we ask her what she saw snorkeling she mentions the sea turtle... more about that in the next post... or the colorful fish, but never the eel).  In any event, I was happy that she was snorkeling again and that we found the eel. 

After a good deal of time at Solomon Bay, we walked the additional quarter mile on the trail to Honeymoon Bay, which was also quite nice.  And, again, we had the place to ourselves.  Kai could just run free on the beach! 

Honeymoon Bay was a short walk from one of the biggest resorts on the island, so after playing and swimming a bit more, we walked over to the resort and caught a taxi back into Cruz Bay, where we ate dinner and met Charlie:

Charlie was the little lizard that hung out on the rum bottles at the bar.  He was so cute.  Apparently, there were three bar lizards, but we only saw Charlie.  Kai called him, "little cutie lizard."  We also spent time taking polaroids of our bartenders (which are now in Kai's scrapbook) and taking pictures of the three of us together, which was nice because we don't have many family shots:

Kai had been bothering us the entire trip to stay at the beach until the sky turned pink.  We decided this would be a good night to stay and see the sunset, and so we hung out at the bar until the sun was close to setting and then headed down to the beach.  Kai was in her clothes and we told her we wanted her to not get her clothes wet.  She did exactly the opposite, and ran right into the water and then claimed to have "tripped" in and gotten all wet.  Of course, after tripping, she proceeded to swim around.  I told her to come out and watch the sunset, since that's what she had asked us to do.  "NOOO," she corrected, "I asked you to stay to play at the beach until the sky turns pink so I can PLAY.  Not watch the sunset."   I hate when she is right! 

 (see the little head in the water?  That's Kai)

(and the pink sky!)

We finally got her out of the water, and she played a bit more at the beach in the fading light before we headed home, plotting what adventures we could have on our final day in St. John.  

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