Monday, August 26, 2013

1st Day of Kindergarten

Our summer came screeching to a close. Kai basically had 4 weeks of camp:  Spanish School for a week, Doug's house for a week, gymnastics camp, and then back to Spanish School.  Kai continues to be such an adaptable kid -- the varying schedule week-to-week doesn't phase her at all.  Although, the last week at Spanish School was a bit trying.  Kai was acting out quite a bit -- which, for Kailey, means being excessively hyper.  Think, "why are you hitting yourself" on constant repeat.  Or just being a general spaz.  We suspected she was amping it up in anticipation of the summer ending and school starting.  Verbally, she would say that she was excited about kindergarten.  Her actions confirmed nervous energy boiling over.

On Friday, Eric took Kai to Thornhill for the kindergarten "meet and greet" -- a chance for the kids to sit at their desks, see the classroom and meet the teacher before the big day.  Thornhill has 3 kindergarten classrooms -- and Eric and I were hoping she'd get Mr. Thompson for a couple of reasons.  First, his classroom is in the main building, and we thought that might make her feel more like part of the school (the other 2 are in portables).  Second, because Mr. Thompson is a mister... and we both thought it would be good for Kai to have a male teacher.  Just to mix things up a bit.

So, anyway, Eric took Kai over to the school on Friday morning (I had to miss it... I tried so hard to schedule things around the meet and greet, even canceling a day in Los Angeles.  But, alas, a couple of meetings I couldn't miss got set in Sacramento for that morning.  Argh). Eric told me they rolled out the big bulletin board with the teacher assignments listed.  I was sitting in my meeting in Sacramento and got the text, "Mr. Thompson!"  Woo hoo!!  They went over the the main classroom, and Kai was thrilled to find her desk with her name on it, a pencil box with her name on it full of pencils and crayons and scissors and glue -- all with her name on it!  And, she had TWO cubbies, which she was pretty excited about.  Eric sent me a picture of her getting settled in:

Kai's initial reaction, other than being thrilled about her desk, supplies and cubbies, was "I have a BOY teacher?!"  But, we reminded her that her swim teacher is a boy and that there are lots of boy teachers in the world.  And, with that, she was fine with it.

This weekend, Kai got her goldfish ribbon at swimming-- she is now a Puffer, and learning how to do the official freestyle and backstrokes.  The rest of the weekend, we just worked around the house and talked a lot about kindergarten starting on Monday.

On Sunday night, I read Kai three books about starting school.  She went right to sleep, crawling into our bed at about 6 in the morning.  It was funny because she slept through the night just fine.  I spent the night tossing and turning.  Not because I was worried about her at school -- I knew she would be just fine.  But, I think I was anxious about the change nonetheless.  I've never had Kai's propensity for adaptability.

Kai woke up at 7 AM this morning and said, "I have to go to kindergarten today."  I cuddled her and said, "you GET to go to kindergarten today!" and she giggled.  For breakfast, I let her have hot chocolate (and regular breakfast items, don't judge) which she loved.  Then she got dressed, grumbling a little about the shoe policy (you have to wear closed toe shoes if you want to play on the playground equipment... thank you, Thornhill!)  Then we took some pictures outside:

As we were taking the pictures, we saw other kids walking along the road on their way to school, realizing it was time to go!  Ahhh.. the beauty of living across the street from the school.  The sounds of the other children streaming down the public stairs and across the road is like our own personal alarm clock!  2 minutes later, we were at school!

The playground was overrun with parents and kids, getting into the line-up and taking millions of photos.  We got right in on the action:

Then, her teacher appeared (as well as the other kindergarten teachers) and they said good morning, gave a few announcements (mostly reminding us that school let out at NOON this entire week and telling us to be on time picking up our children!) and a few minutes later, the kids marched into school behind their teacher and were off for their first full day.

When we picked Kai up, she was in high spirits.  She got to eat lunch at school, take a tour of the campus, draw a picture of herself, and get acquainted with her classroom.  She spent the afternoon being a total spaz again -- but, we're assuming that will ease off in a few days.

Next week, the transition continues as Kai starts her after-school classes (hip hop, cooking, percussion, spanish, and maybe a drama class).  And, she also has the "adventure time" after school after her various classes on the days she is not at Spanish School after school -- or for the periods before she gets picked up for her Spanish School program.  I think it's going to take her a bit to get used to the new schedule.  But, luckily, the adventure time folks help get the kids to their enrichment classes and then into adventure time. So, she'll have adults helping her get from activity to activity.

It was a great first day-- and we're hoping it's the sign of a great first year.

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