Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Epic Journey Part II: NYC

On Sunday morning, we woke up and had a leisurely breakfast at the Omni (what a nice hotel!) before heading cross town to Union Station.  We ended up traveling fairly light on the trip -- given the number of weeks and the variety of places.  We had my backpacker pack, Eric's backpacker pack, a daypack, a carryon suitcase, and Kai's school backpack.  But, on the travel days, it was still a lot to carry.  And, when we got to the Woodley Park Metro Station near our hotel, the escalators were out.  The escalators to the Metro in DC are loooonnnnngggg.  Really long.  Like over 150 steps long.  Walking up or down the escalators is never fun.  Doing it with 5 bags and a 5-year old is torture.  Eric had his backpack, Kai's pack, and carried Kailey.  I had my pack, the daypack (which I wore on my front), and the carryon.  My legs were shaking by the end and were so sore the entire time we were in NYC... I could barely walk up or down steps!

Once we made it to Union Station, it was smooth sailing.  I had purposely got us tickets on a train with a dining car, so that we could have lunch on the train.  I don't know what I was imagining, but -- the dining car was really just a concession stand with ramen noodles, frozen pizzas (that they would heat up), beer, coffee, and pre-made salads.  It was pretty low-brow.  Kailey loved it and spent time selecting her lunch -- settling on a pizza (and then trading Eric for his ramen noodles when she realized how much frozen pizza tastes like cardboard).  Kai slept a good deal of the train ride, which was good given the hours she had been keeping in DC.

When we got to Kate and Becca's house, they had a bbq all ready to go -- and we had fun grilling and hanging out in their backyard (where Kai proceeded to get a record number of bites... her backside was COVERED in bites).

The next morning, Kai woke up sobbing.  I asked her what was wrong and she wouldn't answer.  After several minutes of cuddling her while she wept, she finally explained, "my friends really miss me."  I asked her if she meant that she missed her friends and she said, "No, Thomas and Bianca really miss me.  They are so sad that I am not at school."  And then she burst into tears... while I chuckled to myself.  Nothing like a healthy ego!  After talking about it a bit more, it became clear that she had a dream about school and she wasn't there and her friends were looking for her and really missed her.  And, of course, she missed them too!

That day, we headed to the Museum of Natural History.  Kai had been talking about seeing the dinosaur bones for quite a long time.  It was pretty fun to see them up close.  After the museum, we headed to a ramen place and had great noodles (Kai's favorite... it really doesn't matter the type of noodle).

The next day, we stayed close to home.  Kate had bought Kailey all this fun stuff to do so we could hang out in the backyard... including a kiddie pool.  As soon as Kai saw the pool, she wanted us to fill it up (are you sensing a water theme on this vacation?  The kid really loves water).  So, we filled up the pool, turned on the tunes, and had a nice day at home (resulting in many more bites on Kai's backside.  I should have taken a picture of it.  It was extreme).  Kai entertained us by acting like a goofball most of the day, including singing many of her Spanish songs and being generally spazzy.  We all got in the action a bit, too!


It was a short trip to NYC... but we had a blast.  Wednesday morning we got some bagels before heading to the Metro for the beginning of our looonnnngggg (oh so long) journey to St. John.... 

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