Friday, June 7, 2013

Talking with Kailey

Ahhh... it's been so long since I posted!  I wish I had more time to jump on the blog and write things down.  I am so glad to have this space to record my observations about Kai and keep a log of her developments, the funny things she says, and... well, our lives!  And yet, I never find the time to update it.  I keep thinking one of these days things will slow down, but that never seems to happen.

We are so lucky that Kai is usually adaptable to our busy lifestyles.  Although, the other day, we went camping for the weekend with Leo, Soren, Amy and Dave for Paddle to the Sea and Kai had a tough time returning home.  Or, rather, going to school the Monday after our weekend away.  She was fine Sunday night and Monday morning.  And even when we first got to school, there were no issues.  But, as we were in the car pulling away, Kai appeared at the glass door to the school, pounding on the door, tears streaming down her face.  We were alarmed.  More than alarmed.  She NEVER does that.  So, we parked again and hurried back inside.  She was crying and crying.  When we asked her why, she said she wanted to go back to camping.  I guess that's the sign of a good weekend!  It was a lot of fun.  Kai is now at an age where she can just run around with the boys and play the same games they are playing.  It was pretty cute watching them.  Her favorite part was, "the marshmallows".  Of course.

Anyway, since it's been forever since I wrote, I thought I would just write down a few of the funny things that Kai has said recently.  She cracks me up!


This morning, driving to school, Kailey announced, "I wish I was a bird and could fly."  I agreed with her and said that was why people invented airplanes, because a lot of people have wanted to fly over the years and so we figured out how to do it by building airplanes.

"And Bombits," Kai said.  I didn't understand, "what's a bombit?" I asked.

"You know, a bombit.  Like in Madagascar.  When they go in the bombit and it shoots them out and they go flying."

"Ohhhh.. .you mean a cannon." I said.

Kailey thought about this for a minute and replied, "there are two words for cannons, you can say 'canon' or you can say 'bombit'".

I decided to quit arguing.  Bombit it is.


Earlier this week, also when we were driving to school, Kai announced, "I hate English.  I wish we only spoke Spanish."

I said, "well, then a lot of people wouldn't understand you because a lot of people speak English where we live."

Kai replied, "well, I wish we live lived in Puerto Rico." She said this using the Spanish pronunciation for Puerto Rico, expertly rolling her Rs.  She always rolls her Rs.  Even in English.  It's hilarious. Too bad we are only going to be in Puerto Rico a couple of nights this summer (during our Epic Adventure) -- she's so excited about going there.  Indeed, it seems she's already ready to move there permanently!

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