Saturday, June 22, 2013

Her first graduation

Last night was Kai's preschool graduation celebration.  It was such a great year for Kailey.  We are so proud of all she learned and how she tackled the challenge of a Spanish Immersion program as the new kid in the class.  She formed such close friendships with her classmates and truly loved her preschool. 

We, of course, captured most of the ceremony on video!

First, each of the kids came up on their own to introduce themselves.  They were supposed to say their name, their age, and something they like (in Spanish, of course).  It was really intimidating.  Most of the kids seemed really taken aback by the idea of speaking into a microphone while about 75 people watched.  Seriously, it took me graduating from law school and being forced to do public presentations nearly every week before I felt comfortable talking in front of large groups.  It was a lot for a 4 - 5 year old to take on.  Most of the kids eventually mumbled something into the microphone. 

A couple of the kids did a great job, marching onto the stage and saying their lines. But, most were pretty shy and followed Thomas' example.  One little boy refused to speak altogether.  He just moved his mouth without any words coming out. 

And then there was Kailey:

(she said, "I don't want this" as she pushed the microphone away)

She did actually say her lines once the mic was away from her face -- she just didn't want anything to do with a microphone.  After the ceremony, we asked her if they has practiced with a mic and she told us they had not -- which, I think was probably one of the issues.  Not only was she unprepared for the audience, she was unprepared for the mic.  If there's one thing Kai likes to be, it's prepared -- ESPECIALLY, in a performance setting.  Still, it was cute and afterwards, everyone kept coming up to us saying that Kai's refusal was in perfect Spanish!

Following the introduction of the children, there was a song:

And then a dance:

And then the distribution of the "diplomas":

And then they sang their class song -- the first song Kai learned, way back in September -- and still one of our favorites:
And then the final song:
Afterwards, there was a potluck and the kids got to run around and let off all the nervous energy they stored up during the big performance -- they were HYPER!  Kai loved celebrating with her friends!

Kai with Bianca and Hannah: 

Family photo (not the best one ever!)

I love how Thomas is looking at Kai (she was SOOO hungry -- she ate 3 HUGE platefuls of mac & cheese and then a great big sundae... and when we got home, she said -- "I didn't have dinner!"):

Kai and her teachers, Juliana and Rosalinda:


Happy preschool graduation, Kailey!!  I'm so looking forward to your next adventure. KINDERGARTEN... here she comes! 

p.s.  Luckily, they are going to do an afterschool program starting in the Fall so the kids can continue to learn Spanish and see each other a couple of times a week.  Even though we will still be seeing everyone, it's bittersweet that this time is over. 

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John and Karen said...

Loved watching the videos. Wish we could have been there. Love, Nonni