Friday, May 10, 2013

Mama's Day

Today was the Mother's Day celebration at Kai's school.  She has been really excited about this all week, telling me that she has lots of surprises for me. 

It was really cute!  The kids did a little show for the moms.  The song they sang literally made me cry.  Then there was a little "spa day" set up with stations around the classroom.  The kids did our nails (pretending to file our nails and then putting stickers on our fingers), our hair (using a bunch of clips and barrettes), and then made us necklaces and bracelets.  Kai did all of her work very quickly -- as is her style.  I didn't take a picture of myself afterwards, but it was quite the look.

Then we went to recess with the kids and had lunch with them. And, as we were leaving, the kids gave us a card they made and a present (paper flowers that they had made in a little wooden box they decorated).

And the classroom art wall was decorated with pictures of the mamas with their kid, and under each photo was the phrase, "I love my Mama because..." for the picture with me and Kailey she had dictated, "I love my Mama because she snuggles me in the mornings."  My favorite time of the day, too!

 It was a very sweet morning.  I'm so lucky to get to be her Mama.