Monday, April 22, 2013

Kailey's 5th Birthday Month

As with past birthdays, we stretched the celebrating across several days.  I love celebrating my best girl, and it's always fun to mix it up with a few different special events.  The day Kailey turned 5, we had a little celebration for her at school.  We brought pizza and cupcakes for the kids (homemade, I might add -- go me!)  They were the healthy variety because her school has a no sweets policy.  So, I made applesauce and banana muffins.  If I'm being honest, they were just OK.  But, I get an A for effort!  She loved wearing the special birthday crown and getting to have pizza with all her friends. 

Last year's party in the park was so successful, that we decided to follow the same formula this year.  We got to the park early in order to snag a space.  We also came equipped with a rope swing (with a bench) so the kids could swing, a piñata, sidewalk chalk, balloons, and - of course - the cake! This year, she wanted a rainbow cake.  I probably could have made that myself, but in the interest of time, we got a beautiful rainbow cake from a local bakery.  Kai loved it! The kids had a blast running around the park.  The piñata was a huge hit.  And, the weather was perfect.  April birthdays are the best!



The next weekend, Kai got to have her first sleepover at our house (she's slept over at Penny's house before).  We wore the girls out with swimming, pizza and movie watching.  By the time bedtime rolled around, both girls were ready to go to sleep and they both slept through the night with no issues.  Penny is such a great friend -- I hope even as they get older they remain close. She truly is like a big sister to Kai.

It's so hard to believe she's FIVE already.  Soon she'll be graduating from pre-school and starting kindergarten.  These past five years have been amazing -- I cannot wait to see what the next five have in store!

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