Monday, March 18, 2013

Measurements, Time and Measuring Time

Kailey is frequently confused about how weight, height and time relate to one another.  She gets on the scale sometimes and declares, "MOMMY, look how OLD I am!"  I suppose it's good the scale isn't measuring age -- because, damn, I'd be ollldddd!  I tell her that the scale is all about weight, and not age, and she says, "But, I'm BIGGER."  In reality, Kai has been about 36 pounds for a long time.  But, no need to correct her.

She has, however, shot up in height this year.  She started the year at about 38".  We measure her yesterday and she's 40.5"!  Two and a half inches in growth in 3 months. No wonder she's been so cranky and tired lately.

When I told her she was now three-and-a-half feet tall she immediately protested, "NO! I'm four and a half!"  I tried to explain the difference between height and age, but she wasn't buying it.

And this morning, while eating her cereal, she said, "When I'm five and a half -- I will be so BIG!"  I told her she wasn't even five yet, and she said, "Well, I will be five soon and then after that five and a half."

True, it's just that she thinks that her friends at school who have recently had birthdays turned five at their parties (that were held off school grounds) and then five and a half at the parties held on school grounds.  So, the timeline is a little rushed.

Or, maybe Kai is just dialed in on how time really proceeds!  It certainly seems like these months pass in mere days.  I can't believe that a month from now, I'll have a five year old.  Really, where does the time go?