Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Super Reader

Kai found a new television show that she likes (and here, the title made you think I was going to write about a book!  Kai much prefers her television over her books, much to my disdain!)  Anyway, she found a new show called Super Why.  It's about this group of 4 kids called the "Super Readers" and each episode they solve a "super big problem" by looking in a book.  They "jump in a book" in their super costumes and then use "the power of reading to change the story."  At the end of the episode, they discover the "super word" which is the key to solving the problem.  Kai loves it.  She loves the formula of the show, she loves the opening song, she sticks her hand towards the iPad when they all put their hands together to do the cheer, she shouts out the letters and words they are searching for throughout the episode.  It's cute.  And, I've been trying to tell myself it's also educational so, more Super Why!

And then, while out and about the other day, Kai applied the lessons from Super Why (see, it IS educational!)  I had picked Kai up early from school (she's had a bit of a cold lately, and wanted some extra time at home, so I obliged.  It's been a tough month for all of us, with long days of work and school.  So, when she asked for us to come early, I obliged).  Anyway, we were at home and I was going to start dinner before we left to get Eric from BART.  That is, until I remembered that the can opener's twisty part had snapped clean off the day before.  And, I needed to open a can.  Shoot.  I told Kai we had to hurry and run to the kitchen store before we got Eric.  So, we ran out the door and drove into the Village to the kitchen store.  When we got there, it was closed.

"OH NO!" Kai shouted from the back seat, "This is a SUPER big problem.  And a SUPER big problem needs a super solution... we need the super readers!"

Trying not to crack up, I said, "We do!  What can we do to solve the problem?"

"Oh, I know!" Kai said, "We need to change the story.  Instead of that sign saying "CLOSED" we need it to say "OPEN"... and, look, there's an OPEN sign" she said pointing to the donut shop next door, "O - P - E - N" spells OPEN.  So, now we can go in!"

I laughed and said, "You're right!  It DOES spell open, but I don't think that was the super word because the store is still closed.  What else can we do?"

Stumped, Kai asked me what I thought.  And I said, "how about a different store?"

She got excited and said, "That's the super word!  DIFFERENT STORE.  Let's go!"

So, we ran into Lucky's and ran to the aisle with the kitchen supplies, at which point Kai changed the game and told me she was a "super fairy with magic vision that can see everything" so she could find the can opener right away.  Which she did.

The End.

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