Friday, November 16, 2012


This morning, while I was driving Kai to preschool, she asked for “Jane songs”.  Jane songs refers to a CD that she got from her prior daycare that was made by the music teacher that used to sing with the kids once a week.  The CD is not totally intolerable, but I still get sick of Jane songs. There's only so many times a person can listen to Al the Alligator.  Besides, I was enjoying the news, so I told Kai that “mornings are for news”.

She was quiet for a minute and then said, “oh, Mama! I have a good idea.  How about you get 6 minutes of news and then I get 6 minutes of Jane songs?”

I didn't really like her idea -- I just wanted to listen to the news.  But, I felt trapped.  Responding that I should just get my way would likely send the wrong message.

"How about that plan?" Kai asked, interrupting my attempt to ignore her and let a few more seconds tick by.

At this point, I knew we were only about 8 minutes away from school, so I figured I could be reasonable and agree to her solution, buying me another few minutes of news and letting her have a couple minutes of Jane songs as we approached the parking lot.  Feeling smug, I told her it was a terrific idea and that I really liked how she thought about a plan that gave us both something we wanted.    

In response, Kai said, “Yea, Jane songs!  And, Mama, it has already been 6 minutes in the first part of the drive – so now it’s time for my 6 minutes of Jane songs!”

I hate being outsmarted by a 4 year old.

Friday, November 9, 2012


Miss manners:  After we spent the afternoon making muffins and gingerbread cookies together, Kai turned to me and said, "that was really fun, mama.  Thanks!"

Biologist:  While we were reading her book about the body and got to the page about how food is digested, she reasoned, "so when a mama has a baby in her tummy it gets mixed up with all the food and the baby gets all covered in food?"

Soother:  When she handed me a drawing and it only had one sticker, I asked her why I only got one and she quickly said, "Mama, don't panic! I can get you more."

Political Organizer:  Walking through the store she started chanting, "Obama! Obama!  We want Obama to win!"

Political Realist:  Later, while we were talking about the election again, she confirmed that we want Obama to win.  I replied that we did and she reasoned, "or, Mitt Romney could win, too."

Electioneer:  On election day, we brought Kai with us to our polling place this morning, telling her we were going to vote. When we walked in she announced loudly, "we're here to vote for President Obama.... where is he?"

Political Pundit:  After the election, we were watching Fox News (with glee!) and one of the pundits was talking about how they really had thought Romney was going to win and Kailey yelled at the TV, "NO!  He did not win.  Obama won!"

Self assessment:   "Maddy is mucho bossy.  I am just poquito bossy"

Truth-teller:  When Eric asked her if she wanted to help him outside, she replied, "well, making muffins and cookies is much more funner then gluing pipes."

Doctor:  Kai had a high fever most of this week and had to miss 3 days of school, which she was very unhappy about (particularly missing her sharing day on Wednesday).  Her fever finally went away Thursday afternoon, so we told her she could probably go to school the next day.  This morning (Friday) when we woke up, I asked her how she felt and she said, "great!"  I asked her if she wanted to go to school and she said, "yes!"   I got up and started getting ready.  About 20 minutes later, Kai said, "Mama... you know, some people who are not sick still have headaches."  I asked her if she had a headache and she reiterated, "well, some people who are not sick have headaches."

And that's our week in Kai-isms!