Monday, July 16, 2012

The Trials

Eric's mom was in town over the 4th of July weekend, and stayed at the Claremont (this is the 3rd time we've been at the Claremont in 4 months... Kai is starting to have a sense of entitlement over the place!)  We had a great time, and Kai's swimming continues to improve.  In fact, despite my earlier insistence that she was done with swim lessons, I've signed her up again for some lessons at the end of the summer (she LOVES the water, and a little instruction would be so good for her).  I may be kicking myself over this decision -- but, maybe she'll love it.  This place is an outdoor pool, so I'm thinking it might be a better environment for her (the noise of indoor pools really gets to her).

Anyway, our trip to the Claremont this time was right on the heels of the Olympic Trials, which we watched with Kaiely.  At one point when I looked over at her, I could tell she was in her "uber intense" mode (this is opposed to her usual state of being, which is just regular intense.  Kai does most things with quite a bit of energy!)  She kept diving under the water, popping her hands out of the water and then thrusting them back under (it was clearly a new stroke that she was trying to perfect), and when she would hit the wall, she'd slap it and then turn around, walk back to her pre-designated spot, and start again.  This went on for quite some time.

After about an hour, she came running over to me, really excited and yelled, "Mom!! I WON the Olympic Trials."

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