Friday, June 29, 2012

Oscar the GIRL

Last weekend, we went to a birthday party for one of Kai's friends.  It was at Make-A-Bear.  I have never been to the store before... and all I can really say about it is...  Creepy!  But, Kai loved it.  She chose a stuffed dog, rather then a bear, to "build".

After they had chosen the type of animal they would stuff, fluff and dress, they were asked to name their animal.  Kai wasn't expecting to have to select a name, and isn't really that into naming her toys.  So, when he called on her, she got that deer-in-the-headlights look, glanced at the limp dog in her hand, glanced back at the guy and said, "oscar".  She panicked and chose the name of the dog she knows best.

After choosing a name, the kids went on to stuff and fluff their bears (or dogs).  Kai loved the fluffing machine -- how ingenious these people are (I know, let's have an air table that they can hold the toys over and that will take five minutes and make the experience feel somehow more complete).

Once the animals were stuffed and fluffed - they were ready to be dressed.  The guy running the party had picked out a TON of outfits for the kids to choose from for their stuffed animal.   He was going over each option -- holding it up and saying something like, "here's a cute swimsuit with googles" or "this is a nice spring dress" -- and he gets to the tutu and says, "and here is a ballerina outfit".  Kailey shoots her hand into the air and says, "I want that one!"  We told her to be patient and let him finish.  So she sits there - vibrating - while he finishes talking about the rest of the selections/options.  As soon as he finishes, Kai jumps up ready to snatch the tutu. Eric described it as a "Hunger Games moment" (you know, ready to take out anyone that got in between her and that tutu).

We told her to sit down and wait for instructions.  The guy then went through each kid, asking them which outfit they wanted.  Kailey was literally ready to pop by the time he got to her and when he said, "Kailey?" she yelled, "I want the TUTU!!"  like her life depended on it.

Once she had her new dog, stuffed, fluffed, and outfitted in a pink tutu, Kai scruntched up her face and said, "this is Oscar THE GIRL." Clearly, she was regretting the choice of name... but, her solution to the dilemma works just fine.

She loves her Oscar the GIRL.

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