Monday, May 7, 2012


Kai continues to crack us up with her musings. A sampling of late:

We have been listening to a song that has a verse that goes like this: "Then one little bunny sees something funny and FREEZE! The shadow of a hawk glides over the meadow, Its talons are sharp! Run, run bunnies! Run, run bunnies! Back to your homes! Back to your homes!"

We were listening to the song the other day and Kai announced from the backseat, "When I grow up and become a bunny..."

Eric and I started chuckling and Eric asked, "are mommy and daddy bunnies?" Kai said no (while rolling her eyes, I'm sure).

I said, "I don't think you'll be a bunny when you grow up."

 Kai retorted, "NOOO... when I grow up and I become a bunny then I will run away from the hawk. Ava will be the hawk when she grows up." (she added great emphasis to the word "I" to make it clear that she wasn't talking about what happened to me when I grew up but, rather, what would happen to HER when she grew up... as though the problem was that I was not understanding who the subject of the sentence as opposed to the problem being the fact that she was failing to understand how one's growing up is constrained against becoming certain things... like bunnies!)

I decided not to argue with her and just let her believe that she really can be anything when she grows up!


 We were all cooking dinner together a week ago and Kai suddenly announced, "Ava and I got married on Saturday." We said that was great and asked her what she thought marriage was and she responded, "marriage is when you wear a party dress."

Then I asked her if she thought Eric and I were married and she yelled, "NO.... silly, mama!!"  (she is so certain in her convictions about how things work... see my last example of the bunny!)

We then explained that marriage is when two people love each other very much and decide they want to spend a lot of time together and live together and help each other. Then we gave her examples of the people she knows that are married including us (she seemed shocked), Amy and Dave, Katie and Becca, etc.

She listened and then said, "well, Ava and I are married too. We got married on Saturday."


My friend Amy is running for City Council so Kai and I went to a house party for her campaign. On the way there, Kai asked why we were going to the party. I told her that Amy was trying to get a new job and that to get the job she had to get people to vote for her so she was having a party to meet people so they could get to know her and vote for her.

This morning, Kai was getting dressed and said to Eric, "we went to a party where you talk to people and then they talk to you and then you get a job where you get to vote for the job." Close!

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