Friday, May 11, 2012

Future Candidate

A few days ago, I wrote about the house party that Kai and I went to for my friend Amy.  Apparently, it made quite an impression with her.  Last night, we were playing pretend.  The game started with Kai and I getting on an airplane to "go to Los Angeles."  Once we got off the plane, I asked Kai what we were going to do in Los Angeles and she said, "give a speech!"  This is what Kailey thinks that I do for my job (well, it is what I do for my job lots of time!)

So, we went into our room to give a speech.  I told her that Eric and I were the audience and asked her what the speech was about and she said, "to get a new job!"  Ahhh... she was running for office!

In her first speech, which we didn't catch on video, Kai said, "Hi, my name is Kailey.  I want a new job.  You can use my fairy phone."  This speech has all the beginnings of a great stump speech.  She introduces herself, says what she wants, and then makes a promise that she is unlikely to keep (share her fairy phone... as if!)

As our game of pretend progressed, we decided she was interviewing to be a ballerina who helps people with their owies (if this job really existed, it would be perfect for Kai... a doctor in a tutu!).

Here is the first part of her interview for the ballerina gig:

She came back in the room, and we tried to finish the interview, but Kai had to cut it short:

I love how she said she had to go get her kid.  I don't think she's ever heard us say that -- since she would be at school when we have cut short conference calls or meetings for that very reason.  And yet, she intuited that there are times when you have to cut out of an important meeting (or interview) to go get your kid!

She's mastering the work-life balance at four!

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