Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Kailey is four! Continuing our annual tradition of celebrating her birthday month, as opposed to the day, we've had many celebrations (starting with Santa Barbara and continuing with her party in the park this last weekend). We would talk about her birthday at these different events and say, "you're almost four" to which Kai would reply, "not yet. I'm still three." Funny from a girl that is constantly starting sentences with, "when I'm TEN..."

But, this morning, driving to school I said, "Kai, TODAY you ARE four." She replied, "Not yeeettt." And I said, "It is today! Today is April 17th. And you're FOUR." She got a HUGE grin on her face and said, "I'm FOUR? I'm as old as Ava?" She then proceeded to point out every four she saw as we drove along, declaring with each one, "A FOUR. Like ME!"

Happy Fourth Birthday, my darling girl.

(I will do a proper birthday post soon -- complete with pictures!)