Monday, March 12, 2012


On the ride home today, Kai declared that Ava and Clara had "cut her out" at school. We've been listening to that new Goyte song lately -- you know the one that has the chorus that goes, "but you didn't have to cut me out... make out like you never knew me and that we were nothing..." Yeah, that one.

So, Eric was singing it yesterday and said, "but you didn't have to take me out" and Kai corrected him and said, "no, the song says you didn't have to CUT me out."

And then, today, she decided to try the phrase out in her real life. We exchanged glances and then asked her, "what did they do?"

"They cut me out," Kai responded.

"What does that mean?" we asked.

"It means that I wanted to play and they said I couldn't... they cut me out. Like that song. Remember?"

She must get so sick of explaining things to us!

Also, from the same song, the end of the chorus (and the name of the song) is, "now you're just somebody that I used to know." Driving to soccer a few weeks ago, Kai asked, "what does that mean?" We told her it is when you used to know someone, but you don't see them anymore.

This week we were driving to soccer and I explained to Kai that she was starting a new class today and would have a new coach. "Not Coach Dominique?" she asked. I told her that Coach Dominique was teaching a different class, and she would be with Coach Sara this time.

"So, Coach Dominique is someone that I used to know?" she asked. I chuckled... yes, something like that.

At soccer, we saw Coach Dominique and he said hello to Kailey. On the drive home she said, "Coach Dominique was at soccer.... I guess we still know him!" I guess we do!

Nice to know she's picking up new phrases from KFOG!

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