Friday, March 16, 2012

Kai Musings

Kai says so many funny things every day -- I have to start writing more of them down! It's hard to remember the things she says for very long... by the time I get home, I have often forgotten. This evening, as I pulled out the computer to write down her anecdote from today, my mind went blank.

"What did Kai say tonight while we were driving home?" I asked Eric. Kai chimed in, "I told you about Lucy and the number 5." She remembers everything!

So -- the story. Kai came running up to us at daycare this evening and thrust three pictures into my hand. She was really excited about them. "I drew Penny and Sarah and Doug!" she exclaimed. I looked at each one.




I love these pictures! And I love that the people she draws are ANOTHER family. Thanks, Kai (just kidding). Then, driving home, Kai announced from the back seat:

"I tried to draw Lucy (Sarah and Doug's dog)... but, then I saw that it was just a FIVE! Clara and I laughed and laughed. And I tried to draw Lucy AGAIN but it was still a FIVE!" And she started cracking up.


This morning driving to daycare, we stopped at Starbucks (as usual) for our morning coffee. Eric went in to fetch the beverages as Kai and I waited in the car. Sometimes we get her something too while we are in the shop. Sometimes not. This morning, after Eric left, Kai yelled, "I WANT GUMMIES." I told her that wasn't how she should ask for something and she began whining, "I wannnntttt them. I wannnntttttt gummmmmmmmmiiiiiiieeeeeesssss."

I told her she couldn't have gummies because she was whining and that was not how we asked for something.

 She paused a moment and then said, "But, Mom... all kids whine!"

She didn't get the gummies.

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