Monday, February 13, 2012


Kai had her first soccer scrimmage this weekend. She didn't totally understand the concept of scrimmaging. During the game, she ran up to me and asked, "why don't I want the blue guys to get the ball?"

She also wasn't certain which goal was hers. And she didn't like it when the ball got taken away from her (when she walks up to me at the end of this clip, it's to tell me that Diego took the ball from her . Granted, Diego was on her team, so he probably shouldn't have taken the ball away... but, I don't think it was simply a matter of who was on whose team!)

But, overall, she played with a big grin on her face:

At the end of the class, she told me that the scrimmage went on for "too long" (the scrimmage was about 15 minutes long)... how will she feel about the 90 minute games in her future?

I can't believe I have a child old enough to scrimmage. Time sure does fly.

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