Friday, November 16, 2012


This morning, while I was driving Kai to preschool, she asked for “Jane songs”.  Jane songs refers to a CD that she got from her prior daycare that was made by the music teacher that used to sing with the kids once a week.  The CD is not totally intolerable, but I still get sick of Jane songs. There's only so many times a person can listen to Al the Alligator.  Besides, I was enjoying the news, so I told Kai that “mornings are for news”.

She was quiet for a minute and then said, “oh, Mama! I have a good idea.  How about you get 6 minutes of news and then I get 6 minutes of Jane songs?”

I didn't really like her idea -- I just wanted to listen to the news.  But, I felt trapped.  Responding that I should just get my way would likely send the wrong message.

"How about that plan?" Kai asked, interrupting my attempt to ignore her and let a few more seconds tick by.

At this point, I knew we were only about 8 minutes away from school, so I figured I could be reasonable and agree to her solution, buying me another few minutes of news and letting her have a couple minutes of Jane songs as we approached the parking lot.  Feeling smug, I told her it was a terrific idea and that I really liked how she thought about a plan that gave us both something we wanted.    

In response, Kai said, “Yea, Jane songs!  And, Mama, it has already been 6 minutes in the first part of the drive – so now it’s time for my 6 minutes of Jane songs!”

I hate being outsmarted by a 4 year old.

Friday, November 9, 2012


Miss manners:  After we spent the afternoon making muffins and gingerbread cookies together, Kai turned to me and said, "that was really fun, mama.  Thanks!"

Biologist:  While we were reading her book about the body and got to the page about how food is digested, she reasoned, "so when a mama has a baby in her tummy it gets mixed up with all the food and the baby gets all covered in food?"

Soother:  When she handed me a drawing and it only had one sticker, I asked her why I only got one and she quickly said, "Mama, don't panic! I can get you more."

Political Organizer:  Walking through the store she started chanting, "Obama! Obama!  We want Obama to win!"

Political Realist:  Later, while we were talking about the election again, she confirmed that we want Obama to win.  I replied that we did and she reasoned, "or, Mitt Romney could win, too."

Electioneer:  On election day, we brought Kai with us to our polling place this morning, telling her we were going to vote. When we walked in she announced loudly, "we're here to vote for President Obama.... where is he?"

Political Pundit:  After the election, we were watching Fox News (with glee!) and one of the pundits was talking about how they really had thought Romney was going to win and Kailey yelled at the TV, "NO!  He did not win.  Obama won!"

Self assessment:   "Maddy is mucho bossy.  I am just poquito bossy"

Truth-teller:  When Eric asked her if she wanted to help him outside, she replied, "well, making muffins and cookies is much more funner then gluing pipes."

Doctor:  Kai had a high fever most of this week and had to miss 3 days of school, which she was very unhappy about (particularly missing her sharing day on Wednesday).  Her fever finally went away Thursday afternoon, so we told her she could probably go to school the next day.  This morning (Friday) when we woke up, I asked her how she felt and she said, "great!"  I asked her if she wanted to go to school and she said, "yes!"   I got up and started getting ready.  About 20 minutes later, Kai said, "Mama... you know, some people who are not sick still have headaches."  I asked her if she had a headache and she reiterated, "well, some people who are not sick have headaches."

And that's our week in Kai-isms!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Kai was so excited about Halloween this year.  Initially, she wanted to be a princess (which we were not super excited about), but we settled on a bee costume with plenty of frills.  Sort of a princess bee costume, if you will.

 (this is Kai with one of her best buddies at school... Thomas)

Kailey's school had a fiesta for Halloween.  Last night, we spent the evening making sandwiches in the shapes of ghosts, cats and pumpkins for the party.  And today, we got to see her in action at school a bit.   They sang songs, had a parade, and then a big fiesta.  They got to decorate skeletons and got little gift bags. It was quite the party!

(another good friend in the superhero costume... Magnus)

And there were songs! While I cannot really understand anything they are saying -- it's fun to watch Kailey joining in.  Although, we knew that she was doing that already -- Kai sings Spanish songs every day now.  She knows so many!  And her teacher said to us today, "Kai is doing so well.  She is learning so fast... just amazing.  She loves it here.  She loves a challenge."  All so true.

As much as she loves a challenge, though, Kai is still not a performer.  She was a bit overwhelmed by the party and staying near her teacher or us.  When it was time to show off her costume, she did so very quickly and was a bit embarrassed by it all.

Pretty cute!

Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ringing Endorsement

Last night, I was reading a book to Kailey and the main character was talking about all the different things she wanted to be when she grew up (a teacher, diva, firefighter, dancer, magician, scientist, etc).  I asked Kai, "what do you want to be when you grow up?"

"NOTHING."  She replied. 

"Nothing?" I asked, "Why?"

"Well... I just want to be a kid with my parents!"  She said. 

I can't really think of a nicer compliment! 

Friday, September 28, 2012

First Month of Spanish School

Kai has made it through the first month of Spanish School.  It's been an adjustment, but overall she is doing fantastic.  Of course, there's the fact that she says she "hates Spanish school"... which would indicate that things are really not going well.  But, when we delve in a bit deeper, we find that she likes playing, dress-up, her new friends, lunchtime, outside time, soccer (they get to be in a soccer class once a week! And Kai says she loves outdoor soccer!  Spanish School is worth the price of tuition for this alone... just kidding), and art. So, we ask her, recognizing that she has just described 95% of school hours, "what do you hate?"

"Oh,"  she replies, "the Spanish."

So, there's that.  But, that was to be expected.  It's a brand new language.  Her teachers speak it exclusively all day.  She doesn't know what they are saying.  It's frustrating.  Of course it is.  So, we tell her that the Spanish is new and it's hard to not know what is going on, but that she'll continue to get better.  Kai doesn't really like to take things slow... so, the adjustment has been hard on her.

But, it's remarkable to me how much she already knows.  She comes home every day singing a new Spanish song or saying some new phrase.  The other evening, she asked us if we wanted to "play Spanish school."  We said we would love to and then Kailey hesitated and said, "OK, but we have to pretend that ENGLISH is SPANISH."  Because, of course, she doesn't know enough Spanish to imitate her teachers in Spanish.  Duh.

So, we started "playing Spanish school" and Kai started off saying, "vamos a la mesa", (in Spanish, obviously).   I asked her what "vamos a la mesa" meant, attempting to repeat the phrase as she had said it to us.  But, alas, I failed (I always fail in my Spanish pronunciation with Kai... she LOVES correcting me) and she said, "no, you have to say it muy rapido, mama! Like this..." and then she repeated the phrase, faster.  So we sat down and she said we were going to do "arte" and that Eric could use "verde" and I had to be "blanco".  The evening preceded in that fashion, with Kailey using so many new phrases and words... we were so impressed.  At the end of the evening, she said, "hasta manana, me papa et mama!"  and then headed off to bed (with Eric following behind to read her stories).

In addition to mastering a new language, she is also navigating new relationships with all the kids in her class. The first day, she said she had one friend, Magnus.  By the end of the first week, she had 2 friends.  But, she was upset because she said that most of the kids "didn't love her."  And, what she meant was they weren't playing with her.  It was hard.  Now, she has about 6 kids she talks about on a rotating basis. On different days, different kids are categorized as "friend".  The other evening she said, "I hit Thomas at school."  We were, of course, not pleased.  So, she backtracked, "NOOO... I just hit him A LITTLE.  Just a LITTLE hit."  We were still not pleased.  She responded, "He hit me, too."  We asked her if it was nice to respond by hitting back and she clarified, "NOOO... I hit him FIRST.  THEN he hit me."  We asked her why she hit him and she explained he tried to take the toy and then reiterated, "it was a LITTLE hit.  And then we laughed.  We made it a joke.  We were just goofing off."  If anything, she knows how to argue her way out of a hole.  But, we are working on alternative methods of communication.  I am glad that she seems to be developing a core group of kids that she enjoys, even if there are conflicts along the way.

So, despite her protests and insistence that she "hates" Spanish School, I don't really think she does.  She is challenged by Spanish School and really trying hard to catch up to her classmates and develop new relationships with the new kids, most of whom have been together and at this for a couple of years already.  She is frustrated at how hard it is to learn a new language and how much she still doesn't understand.  But, she is interested in the effort and eager to show us what she has already mastered.  And, I think that's a good sign.

Last night she brought home all her art projects for the month of September.  She was show proud showing us all she had created.  And, we are so proud of her!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

End of Summer... Start of Spanish School

Kai is now in her second week of Spanish School (as we like to call it).  She started a new spanish immersion preschool right after Labor Day.  The transition has gone well.  Every kid is different with transitions and I think, for Kailey, it was good to not go straight from the daycare she has known for the last 2.5 years to a brand new school with new kids.  Instead, she had a month of different adventures to get her used to the idea of trying out new things and being open to new experiences.

Following her last day of daycare (literally -- that very afternoon), we went to IPNC (as I previously wrote about), which was a true vacation for us with a lot of important time with her favorite cousins.  Then we visited my parents a bit, which she loved.

After we returned to the Bay Area, she had a week of gymnastics camp -- where she had the experience of meeting new kids and being in a different environment for 5 full days.  The first day, she was a bit nervous, but she quickly jumped into the fun.  The last day of camp, there is a show for the parents -- and Kai was one of the first kids in her group to demonstrate a new trick.  Usually, Kai is a little hesitant to perform, especially for a roomful of adults.  But, camp gave her the confidence to show off her new tricks.

By the end of gymnastics camp, Kai was really getting into the groove of trying new things.  She would start each day saying, "WHAT are we doing today?" as if the possibilities were simply beyond her imagination.   After gymnastics camp, my mom came for a week -- "Nonnie Camp" -- which Kailey also loved.  It was a week of the zoo, the science museum, trips to the playground and library, and LOTS of art projects.  Also, during that week, Kai started swimming lessons at a new pool and really loved her class.  The last time we tried swim lessons didn't go so well -- so it was great that she dove right in this time (yes, pun intended... I'm so funny).

The week after that was "Doug Camp" -- harkening back to Kai's first ever daycare experience, and the pure bliss of spending 5 full days with her favorite friend... PENNY!  And, of course, this time there was Max, too.  Kailey told me today that "Max is the funniest person."  I have to agree, he is quite charming and funny.

And, to top it off, after Doug Camp we headed to New York City to see Katie and Becca and spend a few days making the rounds of all the fountains that NYC has to offer. We also went to the Manhattan Children's Museum which was, overall, a disappointment. But, there was an exhibit there that allowed the kids to explore the digestive system.  You got to watch food getting chewed up and go down the "tubes" (as Kai calls them) into the stomach.  You had to try to stop the eating before the stomach got to full.  Then you followed the food through the intestines and out (seriously, there was a toilet at the end of the exhibit where you could see different types of poop.  Very thorough.  Very disgusting). Kai LOVED it.  She went through it twice.  She asked a zillion questions.  We left to see other parts of the museum and she asked to return.  She went through again.  And, following the museum (and to this day), whenever she eats or drinks something she announces, "THIS is going THROUGH my tubes and will come out as POOP" (or pee, as the case may be).  Tonight in the bathtub she was eating a strawberry (yes, in the bath.  We were multi-tasking) and she choked slightly and then declared, "that strawberry tried to go down this tube.... the one on the side... but, it's not supposed to go down the one on the side. It's supposed to go down the one in the middle.  So I choked a little.  But then it went down the one in the middle.  So, it's OK.  That will be POOP."  Sigh.

Upon returning from NYC, Kai was primed for Spanish School.  But, still, we knew it could be a rough transition.  Many of her new classmates already had bonds -- she is in the class with other four year olds, and many of them have been together for a year or two.  And, for that same reason, most of them already speak quite a bit of Spanish.  So, new kid.  New language.  We expected it to be a little rough.  And, the first week, it was.  But, the month of fun leading up to it helped.  She was REALLY excited the first day.  She had a new lunchbox and was ready to take on the challenge.  She was nervous getting to class, but when they called the kids together for circle time, she found a spot and never looked back.  At the end of the day, she didn't want to leave.  But, that night, she literally fell to pieces when I told her she had to wait to eat more cereal (until after we had dinner).  She sobbed for 10 minutes - just letting the stress of the day pour out.

The rest of the week was largely the same, peppered with occasional commentary from Kailey that let us into her anxiety and made us extremely worried that we made the wrong decision.  She would say things like, "the other kids don't LOVE me." When we pressed, she explained, "they don't play with me.  When I ask to play they say NO. They don't love me."  Or she would ask why everyone could speak spanish except her, and why the teachers would not speak English.  And, she started to fret about circle time and sharing.

Each day of the week, different kids get to bring in something from home to share with their classmates.  I have to admit, the first time I heard this would be a weekly activity, I panicked a bit.  It brought back all my old anxiety of speaking in class, which I always hated.  So funny, since now I spend the bulk of my job speaking in front of audiences ranging from 20 - 300 people.  But, still, the idea of having to share things about myself to a room full of people makes me break out in a sweat.  In fact, when I heard that each parent is expected to go to school and talk a bit about what they do, I also panicked.  I can tell a room full of 300 people the ends and outs of complicated state and federal laws, but do NOT ask me to go tell a room of four year olds about what I do.  AHHHH!!   Which is to say, I understood her anxiety.  And, to top it off, she not only had to share -- she had to share in Spanish.  We told her we would help.  That she would be ready for her first day of sharing, but still, it was clear she was fretting.

At the end of the first week, we felt like things were turning a corner.  Kai was hanging in there.  There was no sharing the first week, so we had dodged that bullet. And, over the weekend, she spoke of some positive aspects of school -- she loved the time to do art and playing outside.  She had two friends.  Things were OK, but it was clear that she was still feeling uncertain about the whole thing. So, we talked a lot about how she was feeling  -- and we told her that we knew it was really hard.  I think it really helped her to have us validate that she was a little lonely at school and that it was hard to be there when she didn't fully understand what was going on.  I think it helped her to hear us say that we knew she was trying and we were proud of her, without trying to gloss over how she was really feeling.  She didn't want us to just say it would be OK -- and so we didn't.  But, we worried endlessly about our approach and hoped that things would continue to improve.

And, they have.  This last week has been better.  She made a third friend, and announced to me this evening, "I have THREE friends.  ONLY three.  Uno, dos, tres.... my UNO amigo is Vivianna.  My DOS amigo is Bianca.  And my TRES amigo is Magnus."  She was actually doing this -- interspersing spanish and english - by the end of last week.  Four days into school, and trying out her new vocabulary at home. Eric was especially proud when he heard her talking to herself in the other room as she muttered, "I am very SUCIO" and then he walked in the room to find her covered in chocolate.  Rather then reprimanding the chocolate, he hugged her and said, "YES, you are very SUCIO!  Way to go Kai... you're learning spanish!"  She was so pleased.

Wednesday was Kai's first day to share.  We practiced with her, selecting the watch that we had bought recently at the science museum for her big debut.  The watch has a lot of butterflies on it, all different colors (and Kai has long known her colors in Spanish).  We taught her the word for watch and butterfly and how to say, "my watch.  It has butterflies.  The butterflies are red, green, blue and yellow. My watch is purple." (in spanish, of course).  We practiced.  She went to school, chin up, ready to try.  At the end of the day, she jumped into my arms and hugged me tight.  I asked her how sharing had gone and she beamed.  She said it was good.  That all the kids clapped for her. I was so proud.

It's been a crazy couple of months, but really good too.  Here's to new beginnings and my courageous kid who faces new challenges head on.  We love you, Kai!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Camp

Kai had her first week of camp this week -- gymnastics camp, to be specific. Since it's the middle of the Olympics, Kai told us she was going to camp to "get ready to go to London."

I was a little nervous about how camp would go. Lately, Kai hangs back a bit with new things. And, there have been a lot of changes -- and talk of changes -- lately. So, I wasn't sure if she'd be too keen on being dropped off at camp at 9 AM and picked up at 4 PM.  Granted, she's been in daycare pretty much her whole life -- but this would be a much bigger setting with brand new kids.

Or, maybe I was just nervous about the fact that this would be the first time -- literally, ever, that we would be responsible for feeding our child three meals a day for an ENTIRE WEEK.  OK, I suppose if you count my maternity leave or Eric's paternity leave, we did have that responsibility -- but, back in those days, there was no meal planning.  It was just the breastmilk.  Easy peasy.  Since Kai has been eating actual food, we have only ever been responsible for feeding her when on vacation -- and, let's be serious, on vacation, you don't do a lot of meal planning.  Doug used to feed Kai breakfast and lunch when he took care of her.  And, at Home Away from Home, they did the same.

We prepared for the responsibility.  We bought Kai a new lunch box.  Princess. Of course.  She picked it out.  She knew exactly what she wanted.  We'd been to the store with the lunch boxes a few times and she had admired them.  I hadn't realized she had selected one.  But, when we went to purchase the new lunch box, she marched into the store and grabbed the blue and purple lunch box with an image of a princess on the front, declaring "this one!"  I suppose it's good that she's a child that knows her own mind.  Sigh.

Then we went grocery shopping and stocked up on the sorts of things one eats for breakfast and lunch.  Again, Kai knew exactly what to get.  She has been eating these meals her whole life, after all.  We just aren't the ones that provide them most of the time (and, if I'm being totally honest here... on weekends, she often just snacks throughout the day because we don't really eat breakfast and lunch is often while we are running around).  As we were wandering down the cereal aisle, Kai shouted "Heart to Heart!"  We didn't know what she was talking about.  "Heart to Heart cereal," she explained.  "Oh, is it here?" I asked.  She said, "you just passed it!!"  I started going backwards while Kai navigated, "more... more... you're almooosssttt theree.... STOP!"  I stopped and looked and, lo and behold, there was a cereal -- unbeknownst to me just moments before.  Also, I love that she picked a cereal that has almost no sugar in it. It's one of the healthiest cereals in the store.  Yea, Home Away from Home!

We stocked up on many items for lunch too and were ready to go.  Kai loved packing her lunch all week (get used to it, kid.... 15 years from now you might not be an enamored with the activity!)  Monday morning rolled around and she was ready to go.

Eric dropped her off the first day, and said she ran right into the middle of things, turning around just to wave goodbye. She told him later she cried a little at lunch, because she missed us -- but, otherwise, she was fine.

By the third day, we weren't even walking her in anymore. At camp, there is the option of just going through a "drive thru" lane where you just pull up, sign your child in, and then someone comes to take your child out of the car and whisk them away. It was a little weird, for me. Kai loved it.

And, we survived a full week of meals.  We missed breakfast once.  Oops!  But, otherwise, it was a total success.  And, I actually really enjoyed making lunches with Kai in the evening and planning out her upcoming day.

We visited her new preschool one day after camp -- and she was really excited to see the classroom.  She said, "ohhh.. this place has lots of fun things!"  So, we're getting ready for the fall.  I think it's going to be a fun year!

The last day of camp, there's a performance for the parents. Here's Kai showing off her new tricks!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Kailey loves playing pretend.  But, she's also a realist and doesn't like to go too far down the rabbit hole.  She likes to keep it real.  Take our recent trip to a county fair.  Kai got her face painted like a tiger and spent the afternoon pretending to be a tiger. She was so excited to get back to my parents' house, proclaiming "Ginger and Shadow (my parents' dogs) are going to be so surprised when a TIGER walks in the house."

However, after a few hours, Kai left the room for a few moments and came back with her face washed clean declaring, "I'm KAILEY again!"

Friday, August 10, 2012

Summer Days

Over the last two years, we've made the last weekend of July a celebration of summer by heading to Oregon to take part in the International Pinot Noir Celebration.  Not to attend, mind you.  What we get to do is so much better then attending the actual event -- we are there to play with Leo and Soren and take part in the behind the scenes magic of IPNC.

Summer days at IPNC are everything summer should be.  Every year brings perfect weather, long days with little to do except take wagon rides and get into trouble (this year it was water balloons!), and the opportunity to see the inner-workings of a complicated event and meet the people that make it all happen. Oh, and we get to eat and drink!  "Crew Chow" is provided 3 times a day to all the folks working the event (including the baby-sitters and our charges) -- so we don't even have to cook or clean-up after ourselves.  And the "crew chow" is gourmet food prepared by top chefs... I ate so much, I thought I might pop.  It really doesn't get any better.

A few moments from this year really stick out. First, cooking strudel with the pastry chefs.  We were passing through the kitchen and noticed the enormous strudels the chefs and cooks were in the middle of making.  It was quite an undertaking -- with 6 or 7 people gathered around a table to work together to stretch out the delicate pastry.  The pastry chef saw our interest and invited Kai, Leo and Soren to get in on the action.  The kids were so excited to be involved.  They helped to roll out the dough, stretch it, fill it and get it on the trays.  Kai loved cooking with the chefs -- and the photo op was incredible (a lot of folks pulled out their cameras to snap a few pictures).

Kai spent the weekend charming guests as she waltzed around campus in her tutus.  She only wore tutus.  All weekend.  We brought a whole suitcase full of clothes, but only the tutus got any wear -- she had to be fancy! It was a fancy event, after all.   The kids handed out popsiciles and water balloons to guests every afternoon -- which earned them quite a few tips.

They also had a blast pelting one another with water balloons and then, finally, after much patience and endless filling and tying of the balloons, we had a massive water fight involving the nearly 700 balloons we managed to preserve for the big event.   We spent 2.5 days of preparing for our showdown, and it was worth every minute! It was awesome (even when Eric pelted me in the face with a balloon causing my glasses to fly off my face!)  The twins were so careful to make sure Kai was in on the action without getting hurt.  They'd throw the balloons at her feet and let her blast them with her balloons.  Everyone was soaked by the end.... and oh-so-satisfied.  

And, we all learned how to saber a champagne bottle -- which, I must say, is endlessly fun.  I plan to open all my champagne in this fashion from now on!

And then there was the Salmon Bake.  Ahhh... the annual Salmon Bake.  The hallmark event of IPNC.  And we get to partake in all the fun, behind the scenes, with the wine truck crew and a side of salmon all to ourselves.  Not to mention the desserts.  This year it was all about the desserts.  And dancing under the stars.  Leo and Soren thought in advance about Kai's needs, and prepared a little bed for her in the wagon so that she could crash out as the party progressed into the night.  It was the sweetest thing. The whole night was pure bliss.

IPNC is summer magic -- and we are looking forward to going back next year!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Three things

In response to the question, "what are three things you love about mommy?" Kailey replied:

1.  "I love that you don't have a beard"

2. "I love to rub her nickle" (that is the mole on my neck right under my chin.  She calls it a nickle.  I don't know why.

3.  "I love when she gives me tickies" (that's when we lightly rub her arm with our fingers -- she calls it "tickies" as opposed to tickles).

No beard, a mole, and tick-ies!  It sounds like some sort of start for a witch's brew... but, really, that's love!

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Trials

Eric's mom was in town over the 4th of July weekend, and stayed at the Claremont (this is the 3rd time we've been at the Claremont in 4 months... Kai is starting to have a sense of entitlement over the place!)  We had a great time, and Kai's swimming continues to improve.  In fact, despite my earlier insistence that she was done with swim lessons, I've signed her up again for some lessons at the end of the summer (she LOVES the water, and a little instruction would be so good for her).  I may be kicking myself over this decision -- but, maybe she'll love it.  This place is an outdoor pool, so I'm thinking it might be a better environment for her (the noise of indoor pools really gets to her).

Anyway, our trip to the Claremont this time was right on the heels of the Olympic Trials, which we watched with Kaiely.  At one point when I looked over at her, I could tell she was in her "uber intense" mode (this is opposed to her usual state of being, which is just regular intense.  Kai does most things with quite a bit of energy!)  She kept diving under the water, popping her hands out of the water and then thrusting them back under (it was clearly a new stroke that she was trying to perfect), and when she would hit the wall, she'd slap it and then turn around, walk back to her pre-designated spot, and start again.  This went on for quite some time.

After about an hour, she came running over to me, really excited and yelled, "Mom!! I WON the Olympic Trials."

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Little Hot Rock

Kailey loves singing songs.  There is a music teacher at school, Jane, who gave each of the kids a CD of her songs, and we listen to it in the car all the time.  "Jane songs!" Kailey pleads as soon as we are in motion.  She knows the words to most of the songs, and belts them out from the backseat.

In addition, she likes to make up songs.  This morning she was singing something about the ocean and a plant growing on the sea floor.  Eric said to me, "I've never heard that song... do you know it?" Kailey, listening as she does to everything we say, piped up and said, "that's because I made it up!"

One of her favorite "Jane songs" is Little Hot Rock, which is also one of our favorites.  The lyrics are:

Sometimes I wonder
Oh yes I do
Sometimes I wonder
About me and you

We travel together
Around a firey sun
On a little hot rock through the cold and darkness everyone

In outer space
Between the stars
It's even colder
Then the coldest heart

We travel together
Around a firey sun
On a little hot rock through the cold and darkness everyone

Try a little kindness
Try a little sweet love
We're so very far from 
The pretty stars above

We travel together
Around a firey sun
On a little hot rock through the cold and darkness everyone

I really love the song -- and love to sing it with Kailey as we travel together.  When Eric's mom was visiting over the 4th of July, we all went to Kai's music class together, and Kailey requested that they sing the song -- allowing me to capture them on video.  

Here they are: 

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Then and Now

Kailey - February of 2010.  Climbing trees, loving her skirts and dresses, and exploring the world: 

Kailey in June 2012 -- same tree, same fun-loving spirit, still loving those dresses... but look how she's grown!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Half of July

While Kai was getting ready for school, she announced that she was going to a wedding at school today.  I asked her, "what is a wedding?"

"Wellllll..." she replied (I love how she starts sentences with "wellll....") "a wedding is where there are dancers."

"OK.  But why do people have weddings?" I asked

"Ohhh... to celebrate!"  Kai replied.

"And what are they celebrating?"  I asked.

"The half of July!"

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Fancy Things

The other day at daycare, Kailey was admiring the dress one of the other girls was wearing.  "Ohhhhh," she cooed, "your dress is so fancy!  Did you get it at Target?"

Playing Kailey

When we were picking up Kai from daycare tonight, one of the other mom's said that her daughter, Ruby, asked her if she wanted to "play Kailey" last night.  Her mom agreed and asked how they play.

Ruby said, "OK, you be Kailey's dad and I'll be Kailey."  Her mom agreed to the roles and asked what was next.

Ruby explained, "You say, "Kailey, Let's Go!" And then I'll run the other way!'"

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Paddle to the Sea

Eric's organization does an annual event called Paddle to the Sea.  As the name implies, they paddle the Tuolumne River from source to sea, involving dozens (or more) paddlers along every leg of the journey.  In addition, they always have a few folks that paddle the whole thing.  And, there are riverside events and parties along the way.  

Paddle to the Sea started the year Kailey turned one and we've always gone to several of the events --so, in many ways, it's an annual event in her life as much as it is in Eric's working life.  She loves the riverside events and watching the paddlers.  

 This year, for Eric's birthday, we went out to where the paddlers would be launching to see them off and then spent the day playing in the river, familiarizing Kai with the canoes (next year she can probably paddle one of the calmer legs), and playing games while we waited for the paddlers to arrive at the end of the leg.  It was really fun.  What was amazing is how much Kai remembered from the year before -- she kept asking where the dancers were, would there be a jumpy house, what about face painting, and was Daddy giving a speech.  That's because last year we went to the riverside party in Modesto (which they didn't have this year) - and so Kai was expecting to a party.  However, she was really happy to just play by the river and watch the paddlers come in.

When the paddlers arrived -- Kai had her Paddle to the Sea flag ready and was greeting all of them (they had just finished something like 10 hours of paddling into a strong wind and paid little attention to her, but we thought it was adorable!) 

This year at the finale party, which takes place at Aquatic Park in San Francisco, we went with Sarah, Doug, Penny and Max.  It's a cool spot for a finale.  There's a grassy area where you can set up blankets and chairs and hang out.  They had a band playing music and food.  Then there's the beach, which is a great spot to splash around because it's a cove and there aren't many waves.  Great, except the fact that it's San Francisco and the water is quite cold!  But, that didn't stop Kai and Penny.  At first they were just gathering buckets or water and playing in the sand.  But, pretty soon, they were knee deep (in their clothes).  And then they were rolling around in the water, in order to submerge their whole bodies.  They had a total blast.  It was fun to see Kai playing in the ocean. 

The other day, we were talking about things we love about each other and with regard to Eric, Kai said "I love going to Paddle to the Sea with you!" 

She's already excited about next year.