Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Let the Games Begin

I come from a games-loving family. Growing up we played lots of cards -- both the kind with a standard deck of cards (hearts, spades, etc) as well as specialized card games (Uno, Skip-Bo). We played Tripoli, board games (Sorry, Risk, Scattergories), and word games (Boggle, Scrabble). I love playing games. And, in our early years together, Eric and I played a lot of games together. But, most games are better with more then 2 players (except a few like Rummy... but, I never liked that game much).

Over the last year, Kai has gotten more into games. It started with Candy Land (boring!), Zingo (better.. but still not too exciting), simplified card games (like Go Fish -- with cards designed for the younger set with pictures to match), and Memory (which is OK -- but makes one feel old and wistful for the memory you possessed as a child). Given these choices, we didn't suggest playing games that often -- but would pull out a game in a pinch.

Over the last couple of months, though - it seems the world of game playing is beginning to open up. It started with Uno, which Kai is pretty good at (she gets the concept -- has trouble holding all the cards in her hand, so it's hard not to cheat when playing with her). Still, it's a fun game to play and we've been having fun playing. Whenever someone plays the "skip" card she says it's the "no for you" card. As in, no turn for you.

Tonight we expanded to Go Fish with a standard deck of cards. She did great! She is so funny -- she clucks her tongue against the roof of her mouth as she ponders what to ask for and leans way back.... and then, finally, will make her selection, "click...click...click...click...click....do you... have.... a KING?" And she totally got that she was trying to collect the sets of four -- and would holler, "THAT'S FOUR" anytime she got the fourth card in a set. And, she got that the J is for Jack, the K for King and the Q... well, the Q was a little tricky. Sometimes the Q was a King too. But, still. Pretty good! She kept the sets she was working on in little piles, face down, in front of her and would peek at each pile while trying to decide what to ask for. The only thing she didn't really get is that she wasn't supposed to announce what card she had fished from the pile when drawing a new card. But, her enthusiasm for her new card was always amusing... and it was a good opportunity to teach her some of the strategies of the game.

Tonight, while we were playing Go Fish, she said, "Next I want to play the NO game." We tried to clarify, "do you mean you want to play a NEW game?" "I want to play the new NO game", she repeated. We didn't understand what she was saying... what "no" game? I asked her, "what is a "no" game... how do you play it?" She looked exasperated, "I don't know. YOU have to tell me how. The NO game you got. At the store." I realized what she was talking about and asked, "do you mean the game SORRY?" (I had mentioned to Eric a couple days ago that I thought we should buy SORRY). A flash of recognition came over her face, "Oh, yeah. SORRY. That game."

Of course, most every time we say "no" to her we make her say "sorry" to us... so, I suppose it was a good guess!

Whatever they're called -- let the games begin!

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