Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Kai had a great time at her school party today and is hoarding her candy as I type this. She was so excited to wear her ladybug costume. She previewed it a few times leading up to the big day (when friends would come over) and kept exclaiming, "Halloween is starting." We had a mechanical ghost that we strung up outside over the public staircase that runs alongside our house, and Kai now pop her heads outside and screams at the ghost every time she notices that he has stopped howling (it's a noise-activated toy that "flies" and makes a scary sound when there is a loud enough noise). But, the best part was trick or treating with her classmates -- they are such a cute set!

Happy Halloween!

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Robin Lowy said...

So adorable..all of them...but particlularly the little tow head in the red costume and wings...wearing those nifty boots. Keep on posting these gems Angie.