Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween Preview

Kai is now at an age where she remembers holidays from years gone by and anticipates the upcoming celebrations. Despite the fact that I am not really a person who gets into the holiday spirit (any holiday, that is -- except birthdays. And Thanksgiving. Who doesn't like holidays that are all about pampering yourself or eating really awesome food?) I sort of love how she gets into the holiday spirit. At the moment, she is eagerly anticipating Halloween and talking about how she wants to be Ladybug Girl. Or Butterfly Girl. Or Princess Ceta (from Bug's Life). Or, ideally, all three. Sigh.

She also wants to go trick-or-treating. And she loves Halloween decorations outside of people's houses. She always yells out whatever the decoration is -- a witch! a ghost! a pumpkin!!

So, this evening, Eric came home with this mechanical ghost that is activated by noise and flies around making scary noises. He told Kai he had a Halloween present for her and she yelled, "OHHHH..what IS it?!?!" She was very excited. He showed her the box and she screamed, "OHHHH... I'm SOOO excited. I cannot wait. I LOVE it." She examined the box a bit more and said, "it's a scary ghost. It will scare us." She paused as Eric started opening the box. Then, with more urgency, she said, "it's scary." Eric took it out of the box (we didn't think she was actually afraid. Moments earlier she had been going on about how much she loved it). Suddenly, she charged into our bedroom (where I was) and started screaming hysterically, "don't open it. It's a ghost. It's scary. NOOOOOOOO." She was freaking out. Seriously. Terrified. I could feel her heart pounding away through her shirt.

We told her it was a toy, Eric showed her how it made noise, she clung to me screaming, "it's too scary. It's a ghost. NOOOOO."

We put it away. She cried and cried. Sobbing. Seriously freaked out.

She talked herself into being completely freaked by a Halloween toy. All by herself. From excited to terrified in 10 seconds flat... based entirely on her own understanding of the holiday without any prompting from us.

Seriously, this kid has the power of persuasion.

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Robin Lowy said...

Oh poor Kailey...the problem with a very active imagination is that you can make things so very real in your mind. I learned to sew one year when Becca was 4 and wanted to be Rainbow Brite...I had no idea that there were easy patterns and then there were patterns for those who were proficient...uh huh...I chose a Butterick pattern because the costume looked so great. Fortunately I gave myself enough time...Bec was Rainbow Brite that year and wore the costume night and day for a while...great memory. Going to dig up a pix and send it to you. I have a box coming out to Kai this week...some fun things and a cute Halloween book. Love to alll three of you Angie.