Tuesday, September 6, 2011


(this picture really has nothing to do with this post... just like the picture!)

Kai pulled out an old toy tonight -- the one that has five pop-up doors, each hiding a different animal, and you have to do something to open each door (push a button, turn a key, flip a switch from side-to-side, flip a switch up or down, etc). She hasn't played with the game in well over a year. Obviously, at this point, she has no trouble getting the little animals to pop-up. But she was trying to close all 5 doors at the same time by laying on top of all the doors at once. She tried it several times, unsuccessfully.

Finally, exasperated, she shouted, "This toy is ADORABLE."

"Kailey, what do you think adorable means?" I asked her.

"It means this toy is NOT WORKING." She said.

"It means cute. Adorable means cute." I told her.

"No it doesn't. It means I don't like this!"

Ahhh vocabulary. It's so adorable!

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