Monday, August 15, 2011


Kai has been a bit obsessed with cake decorating videos for a couple of months now. She has them all memorized, and frequently decorates "cakes" at her play kitchen, announcing each step: "first, we cut off the dome," she'll declare. She talks about the different colors, about squeezing the pastry tubes from the bottom, and about the crumb coat.

So, this weekend we decided to tackle a real cake. Kai was so excited. The first time we mixed up the batter, we weren't able to actually bake the cakes (oven wouldn't work) so we tossed the batter and tried again the next day. The videos never provided any instruction about the actual baking of the cake -- so the previous day's efforts were quite instructive. Kai had paid close attention, and when we tried it again, she knew all the steps. She pulled out the measuring cups and the cake pan and told us, "this is for the oil, this is for the water, and this is for the eggs... I'LL crack the eggs! And I'LL do the mixing." We let her at it. She wanted to eat the batter as much as she wanted to mix it, and we had to keep reminding her to keep her hands out of her creation.

Waiting for the cakes to cool was realllllyyyyyy hard and Kai kept popping open the fridge to check on how her cakes were doing.

Finally, it was time to decorate. "FIRST, we cut off the dome." She told us. "Let me get my knife." Once the dome was off she said, "and we can snack on the dome... can I snack on it?" You sort of have to watch these videos to know how funny this all was -- she was literally quoting the videos nearly word for word (when the cake decorating helpfully let's us know that we can "go ahead and snack on the dome" of the cake after we cut it off). Kai snacked away.

Then we did our crumb coat. It was rather crumby... but, no worries. That's the whole point! Kai loved spreading the frosting and wanted us to help as little as possible.

And finally, we started the actual frosting and decorating. Kai was so proud of her creation, which we took to school today to share with all her friends:

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