Saturday, June 18, 2011


Kai is obsessed with letters. Most of her drawings consist of random assortments of Ts and Os and Ms and Ks and Es and Is and more Ts (she likes Ts) and As. Every once in awhile she inadvertently spells a new word and, when I point it out to her, she gets super excited and starts pointing to every other collection of letters on the page demanding, "what's that spell?!" She can spell "Kailey", "Mama", "Daddy", "Ava", "Cat", "Dog", and "Stop". She has gotten quite good at writing her name - so good, in fact, that I didn't believe that it was her own handwriting when I picked her up at school this week and collected her artwork from her box.

She sees letters all the time, pointing to branches in the tree that are crossed at a certain angle and yelling, "Hey!! There's an "L"!" She'll see some grass on the sidewalk and declare the pieces to be a "T" or an "I". She asks me how to spell words constantly, repeating each letter after I say it.

And, just now, she was standing next to me on the couch and licking her finger and then "writing" letters on the window. Gross.

Future writer? Obsessive compulsive disorder? Just a simple fascination with letters and words (and the power of reading and writing)?

Who knows -- but the letter obsession is pretty entertaining.

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