Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Yesterday, we asked Kai what she wanted for dinner and she said: "noodles. I ALWAYS like noodles!" It was quite amusing how she said "ALWAYS" -- really emphasizing the word on a high note.

Given that it was nearly 8 PM when we were finally deciding on what to do for dinner last night (and 8PM being bedtime, typically. Not dinnertime) we thought it was only fair that Kai get to pick her dinner. So, noodles it was.

I asked her if she wanted sauce and meatballs on her noodles - and she said, "NO! No sauce and no meatballs. I do not like tomatoes." We tried to convince her otherwise, but she held firm. "Just cheese."

I decided to change the subject and teased, "are you a noodles girl?"

Kai responded, "I'm a noodles girl. And a climbing girl. And a gymnastics girl. But NOT a sauce girl. And NOT a meatball girl."

We, of course, started cracking up and Kai looked up at us, laughing away, and replied indignantly, "that's ACCURATE."

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