Monday, June 27, 2011

More artwork by Kai

Kai is quickly improving on her version of a "smiling sun" -- which now has become a person, of sorts. Complete with "clickety clack" shoes (this is what Kai calls shoes with heels). Also, she tells me that one of the people in the picture has an "owie" but that she drew a band-aid on it.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Expert Witness

I've mentioned before that Kai is referred to as "mini Angie" at daycare in reference to her lawyering tendencies. Indeed, Kai may be an even better witness then a lawyer. She is quite good at sticking to her talking points and ducking the question before her in order to avoid blame.

The other day, I set Kai up with her breakfast cereal and proceeded to leave the room and continue to get ready for the day. When I returned, Kai had her bowl upside down on the table and was splashing in the puddle as milk dripped onto the floor. As soon as she saw me, she started and frantically -- guiltily -- started waving at me and saying, "hi, Mama! Hi! I'm just saying hi to you!"

"What are you doing, Kai?" I asked.

"What?" she responded.

"What are you doing?" I repeated.

"Huh?" she repeated.

"KAI -- the cereal. Did you dump it out?" I asekd.

"What?" she said, doing an impressive imitation of someone who is hard of hearing.

"Kai -- I know you can hear me. What did you do?" I asked her.

"What?" she said -- which, really, takes nerve at this point. She totally had a straight face. She was looking right at me. She just wasn't going to give.

"Let's just clean it up." I said.

"OK!" Kai agreed, looking relieved.

Your witness, counsel. She's a tough nut to crack!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

More artwork by Kai

This is the first picture Kai has done that isn't either coloring in the entire page or a random assortment of letters. She tells us it's a "smiling sun". I love it!

Kai, the songwriter

A song about sea otters (and dolphins)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tonight, at Bedtime

Kailey decided she wanted to sleep with about 10 stuffed animals at bedtime tonight. "No," I told her, "pick 2."

She protested, "I want them ALLLLLL."

"Two or none," I replied (this is my version of "choices" that they talk about for toddlers).

She glared at me.

"Two or none," I repeated. "Which do you want?"

"Two," she replied, considering her pile of stuffed animals, and selecting the dog and the ballerina. Then she grabbed her Jessie doll and said, "this one is for YOU, Mama" with a triumphant look in her eye.

I laughed and let it be three.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


Kai is obsessed with letters. Most of her drawings consist of random assortments of Ts and Os and Ms and Ks and Es and Is and more Ts (she likes Ts) and As. Every once in awhile she inadvertently spells a new word and, when I point it out to her, she gets super excited and starts pointing to every other collection of letters on the page demanding, "what's that spell?!" She can spell "Kailey", "Mama", "Daddy", "Ava", "Cat", "Dog", and "Stop". She has gotten quite good at writing her name - so good, in fact, that I didn't believe that it was her own handwriting when I picked her up at school this week and collected her artwork from her box.

She sees letters all the time, pointing to branches in the tree that are crossed at a certain angle and yelling, "Hey!! There's an "L"!" She'll see some grass on the sidewalk and declare the pieces to be a "T" or an "I". She asks me how to spell words constantly, repeating each letter after I say it.

And, just now, she was standing next to me on the couch and licking her finger and then "writing" letters on the window. Gross.

Future writer? Obsessive compulsive disorder? Just a simple fascination with letters and words (and the power of reading and writing)?

Who knows -- but the letter obsession is pretty entertaining.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Yesterday, we asked Kai what she wanted for dinner and she said: "noodles. I ALWAYS like noodles!" It was quite amusing how she said "ALWAYS" -- really emphasizing the word on a high note.

Given that it was nearly 8 PM when we were finally deciding on what to do for dinner last night (and 8PM being bedtime, typically. Not dinnertime) we thought it was only fair that Kai get to pick her dinner. So, noodles it was.

I asked her if she wanted sauce and meatballs on her noodles - and she said, "NO! No sauce and no meatballs. I do not like tomatoes." We tried to convince her otherwise, but she held firm. "Just cheese."

I decided to change the subject and teased, "are you a noodles girl?"

Kai responded, "I'm a noodles girl. And a climbing girl. And a gymnastics girl. But NOT a sauce girl. And NOT a meatball girl."

We, of course, started cracking up and Kai looked up at us, laughing away, and replied indignantly, "that's ACCURATE."