Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Kailey continues to love her alphabet and the idea of being able to actually write. Some time ago, I mentioned that she used to scrawl lines all over the page, declaring that she was "writing letters!". She started with asking us to "dot to dot" various words, tracing over the letters after we create the dots. And now, she has a little buddy at school, 4 year old Gabbi, who has been teaching her how to write her name all by herself, and Kai is getting pretty good at it:

This last weekend, she attempted several other names by herself as well. She gets frustrated when a name has a letter that she doesn't know how to do by herself (like "G") but is determined to get them all down and practices her writing nearly every day asking us "how do you spell...." (insert name of person or thing that she is interested in) as she attempts to get it all down.

She's writing! Where does the time go?

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