Monday, May 16, 2011

Belated Birthday Post

Here it is the middle of May and I am finally getting to recapping Kai's 3rd birthday extravaganza... bad, Angie. But, it was quite the extravaganza, as they all have been. I love birthdays and I really love Kai's birthday. It's a perfect time of year (although, three years ago I didn't think it was quite the perfect time for her to be born.. but, now I love that she has an April birthday). And, it's fun to really celebrate for a few weeks -- which is what we end up doing, since my birthday comes just 2 weeks after Kai's. It's like our Spring Break.

We started the birthday week with a trip to Santa Barbara. I had to be in Santa Barbara for work, and we decided it would be fun for Eric and Kai to come along since it meant a night at a hotel with a pool. It also meant a 5 hour drive there and a 5 hour drive home... but, one night at a hotel with a pool is enough to qualify as a vacation once you have a kid (and apparently worth 10 hours of driving for maybe 4 hours of pool time). Kai LOVES pools and she loves hotels... so the two combined makes a one-night trip feel like a week off. It was totally worth it. Of course, I had to work all day, but Eric and Kai had a blast in the pool and running around the hotel. And, the next day we spent more time in the pool, then at the beach, and then on a merry-go-round and at a cool park before finally heading home. The drive home was a grind, but still, the diversion was a good way to kick off the week of birthday festivities.

The next morning, my parents arrived for more birthday partying. And, they stayed at the Claremont Hotel -- more hotel. More pool. Yea!! And it turns out the Claremont has one of the best wading pools I've seen... the pool is the temperature of a bathtub, only 2.5 feet deep, and has all these cool fountains pouring into it. Kai LOVED it. She practiced dunking her head under water and would stay under long enough to completely freak me out. She also had fun pretending the fountains were the shower, and would run under them and yell, "we have to wash our hair" as she pumped the imaginary shampoo bottle and scrubbed at her head. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the pool (because I never seem to have my camera on me these days!). But, she also just had a good time walking the halls of the hotel in the boots Katie and Becca bought for her, and I do have a video of that:

(Kai is developing quite the fashion sense these days -- preferring dresses and skirts to pants, and insisting on tights with every outfit. It's a bit annoying... but, I do like some of the outfits she comes up with. I just have a drawer full of pants going to waste. Sigh).

Sunday was Kai's big soccer party. About 12 kids came, mostly from Kai's daycare (and, of course, Penny -- Kai and Penny haven't spent their days together in over a year now, but Kai still talks about Penny and Doug nearly every day and asks how they are doing, when we can see them, and any time we talked about her party leading up to the big day, she would inform us that "Penny. AND Doug. AND Sarah. AND Max" were coming. It's amazing what a huge influence Doug and Penny are in Kai's life and how much she loves them, given how young she was at the time she was with them every day. Truly amazing). Anyway, it was fun to watch all the kids playing together, since we don't get to watch them interact much at school. Kai LOVED her party.

We have a few videos from the party, but my favorite is Kailey going around straightening the cones before a game that the coach had set up. Genetics, baby.

And, of course, there were the gifts. What's a birthday without a present or 50? Especially when those gifts involve Toy Story, "beautiful" dresses (as Kai says), and a new gymnastics suit?

And she got a lot of other great stuff too... these are just the things I have pictures of... I really need to get her in some of the other cute outfits she got. And, I want to get a video of her "flying" down the street in her new butterfly wings, flapping her arms, yelling, "flap! flap! flap! I'm a BIRD" and wearing her cowgirl boots. Seriously, too cute.

Three! What a great age!

Happy Birthday, Kai!! We love you soooo much!

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